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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Bay head

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 21-06-2009

southamerican cheers - i have never been there and im from south america , but i have seen a few vids from this beach/wave/jetty and it looks really fun , cold but fun , looks shallow and hollow id love some of that right now

By In cali now , 09-06-2005

To anonymous - Try Rincon in winter or Trestles in summer....Crowds suck there though

By anonymous , 28-10-2003

CA Got nada on good Bay Head - Haven't surfed there since late 80s early ninetees. Maybe I got lucky, but I always caught overhead, often very heavy stuff in Bay head. Almost drown there once in 10+ early March swell. Have been to CA 4x this year and have seen nothing that's markedly better than spots I know all over Jersey, from Cape May to manasquan

By anonymous , 25-08-2003

Where have all the Great ones gone? - I have not been back there in about 15 years. Are any of the old Guard still surfing there?... There was a time when some of the best in NJ came from the stretch from BH to Seaside.....And most would say Bay Head had the best, if you know, you know who I mean....... I am sure they are all gone, now that Houses soar above a Mill, and the break is all messed up.....Too bad, it was a time.....Eat Drink Surf....

By dick , 22-07-2003

dick head - shitty waves losers only...

By The Natural , 17-06-2003

Long ago - This was a great spot in the 60's and 70's Howe and Bridge as well as North street all broke well off the ( At the time long) Jettys, but it is over..........Bars changed Storms wiped out the bottoms, and as they say in Bay Head... The rich got richer.... Now it is one big fashon show... Head west young men and women.... There is no good surf in NJ....

By anonymous , 27-05-2003

not lbi - bayhead is south is point pleasant no doubt

By killbennies , 20-05-2003

No way - Alright, you have to be a moron. I just got back from surfing Bayhead at Bridge Ave, and it's right next to Point Beach, not on LBI. Look around or get your names right before you say something stupid.

By anthony , 12-03-2003

??? - um hello bayhead is not ne where near point pleasent, its on LBI u dumbass, and ther isnt a board walk, just to get ova the dunes and u cn c the wave(if ther is 1) from where ever u stand, WAKE UP KOOK!

By return of the jenki , 25-01-2003

jenkis - i checked the south side of the inlet(jenks)for a year befofe i figured out you cant see the wave from the boardwalk,,locals know you have to walk to the waters edge.

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