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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 8th street jetty

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By lllllllllllllll , 10-11-2006

this break...... - i have ridden this break and there is no problems at all. all u have to do is drop in on the corny surfers, made the barrel, bust some moves (air, rolls, spins) and then u can get some respect. if u arent experienced, dont go here

By Abe and J.P.- 8th Streets finest , 11-10-2005

Hate Street.... - 8th Street does get good sometimes, mostly in the fall and winter, but in the summer there are so many freekin' people everywhere (including on the rocks and pipes) that it has earned the name "hate street" in some circles. If it wasn't for the plethora of high school girls that frequent the beach all summer you would never want to deal with it. See ya next June for serior week.

By Pat Bateman/Paul Allen , 03-05-2005

- Thank God for Waverly!!!!Philthadelphia STAY OUT!!What is 8thstreet? Or do I mean what is 7th? smp-Shoobes, More Shoobes, Johnnys' Posing for their pale ass girlfriends..

By WUTANGCLAN , 07-03-2005

IS 8th - 8th is a desent wave and IT IS OCEAN CITY at least the pics are(look at first picture, top right) clearly says OC. I surf the spot all the time and it is one of the best lefts there is NJ....on any type of surf.

By anonymous , 31-01-2005

This is not Ocean City People! - 8th St. is in Ocean City.
8th Ave is Asbury Park
You're all worthless and weak! And Confused! Euclid Ave. is in Loch Arbour

By anonymous , 13-08-2003

no title - Why on the wanna surf site do we have people submitting spots that they know nothing about. The south side of this jetty is known as 8th st. and the north is known as 7th st. 8TH St. is "good" on NE swells not SE and is a left. The opposite for 7Th St. This area though is totally over rated.Most years it's not even the best wave in OC. Its just the summer surfing beach in the downtown area and has an exagerrated rep.

By it's double overhead dude! , 04-04-2003

Lacrosse anyone? - 8th street has it's days, and obviously it's no god damn secret. I don't understand why people are coming out of the wood work to rate these "spots". Firstly your whole entry is full of shit . 3 out 4 for frequency. What do the regulars think? 15-20 above average days on a slammin year? the rest of the time it's ankle lapping innertube conditions. It's fucking Jersey you parking lot paying boardwalk trottin' kook. And when it does break chances are all you fuckhead shoobies are all over it, not to mention most of the local talent pool, which is way more tolerant than they should be, is in attendance. This spot when it breaks is not for you. You won't get a wave and chances are you'll just get runover, washed inside and look bad infront of your tight-ass girlfriend so my advice to the shoobie surfer (if you must continue to persue the endless summer in N.J.)is to find a nice unclogged beach somewhere between 20th and 50th and stay there. and don't forget to pay for a beach tag! sucker!

By anonymous , 20-10-2002

Sorry - but there's never 300-500 meter waves here.

By anonymous , 20-10-2002

no title - Great spot mostly lefts long fun wave when the swell and wind direction is right cant surf from 10AM-5PM in season

By anonymous , 18-10-2002

Just show some common sense! - A rule when you are surfing here as with any other spot you surf...........before dropping in..look left. If there is nobody on the wave, you can proceed. And if you can't duckdive successfully when it's big, don't even bother going out! Summer crowds are bad enough as is...bring on the subzero temps to clean everybody out!

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