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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 7th street ocean city

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Dnose , 07-08-2005

Sick of all the civics around here trying to race me..I have one to, THEY'RE SLOW....even w/ nitrous - Everyone just chill out..It doesn't matter where you're from, local or PA, everyone is an individual and trust me, plenty of kooks from boths ends..Just be happy we have sick swells in offseason to ourselves, and shoobes allowing our town to survive during summer w/ all the damn money the bring to us..Waves blow in Summer anyway unless a good trop rolls threw..Just be happy we're all alive and get to enjoy what we love to do, seriously..

By , 24-06-2005

7th street - very interesting place, i would think more ppl would surf their,not that good,the north is much better

By anonymous , 03-06-2005

Cottrell - Paddle around the jetty to eighth street

By jsin , 01-06-2005

beat - the sand is gone, ALL (as in every one) the breaks in OC suck now, go to AC or sea isle...just remember, it sucks in OC now

By richard the horse , 20-03-2005

7th street... - 7th street isn't a good break. It has it's days, but it's not the best wave in OC, that's for sure. 8th street isn't always good, but since the last big swell in October, the sand's moved and after takin the rip out there's a sick ledgy barrel followed by a super long rippable left. Can also handle NE winds. By the way, you won't catch 8th good unless your here in the winter, or get lucky with a late season NE swell. Oh yeah, Eggars is right, 14th-15th street pier rules. But if you truely want to know the good breaks in OC, take the time to check around. It's a big island, and it has some nice little nooks and crannies.

By David Eggars , 12-01-2005

- Hey, is "MO" the cool catch phrase at OC High. Sorry, I haven't been able to respond to such accusations as being a MO on a more timely manner, but my computer's been fucked up. Hey anon, sign your name or at least make one up for God's sake. Hey, how's algebra class going? I hope you're getting good grades. Oh, and I know this is late, but I think someone in the past made a reference to my spelling in an earlier post. I only come on this site when I'm an inebrieated and I don't care about my spelling. If you want to, I'll match wits with any of you fuckers. I used to care about the silverstrand glory days posts, but webmater erased all of the classic era posts of two years ago(viva Mr.Young). Hey webmater you won't put in any of my posts at the strand no more. What gives? Especially the political ones. Bastard. You know no site had as much action and anticipation as that a year ago. Oh well, I'm a MO. Yo, whoever's got the kind be at the WAWA at 4th & West at 11:30 Thursday night. And don't try no bullshit because I could be packing(depends on how paranoid I am at that moment). Yo, peace out anon. Yo, you're not one of them kids that lays on the lawn outside OC High after school are you?

By anonymous , 28-12-2004

Dave - Dave, you really need a girlfriend, you should try it, girls are fun. And once again your such a MO.

By David Eggars , 26-12-2004

- I'm a MO. Wow, I don't know if I should be happy or not. Thanks anon. You know what's funny is that I live in OC now. Ain't that a hoot. Well on to more important things - end OC dry status. We need bars and liquor stores everywhere. Why should Somers point get all of that booze money. And tell me it doesn't suck having to go over that damn bridge to get more beer with them damn cops lurking. Man. I was to based out one night and was not stopping at the cicle for beer. Had to get them bags safely to the crib. Plus I was bugging so bad it was crazy. So when I calmed down a bit around 9:30 I had to drive to Somers Point to get beer. Guess who was making his rounds around the circle when I was leaving the store? That's right one of OC's finest. Followed me practically to my door step on Atlantic. Yeah that didn't bug me out. Allright guys calm down and grab the stem. Also, need the kind connection in OC. Actually I'm sick of driving to CAmden so I need a good ready spot. Yo do they sell on 5th st in that OC style project area?

By jz , 09-11-2004

point taken... - Well I don't think anyone will deny the best spots are the ones lesser known, there's a typically crappy spot just south of OC that on a strong NE swell, the outer sand bar breaks several hundred yards and all the way into the beach. Most locals don't even know it exists. But you are also making references from almost 20 yrs ago. Things have changed my friend. 8th street puts out some steamrolling pits during slack tide ever since they began pumping sand in and took those drainage pipes out. Second, I have surfed every state on the east coast and most pretty extensively, especially my own. Alls I do is ride waves. While I think the northern half of nj may be more consistant, when the big boys come through, I know where I'm paddling out.

By anonymous , 06-11-2004

- Dave your such a MO

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