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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 59th street pier

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 06-08-2009

- I actually love the south side of the pier when the lifeguards are on duty. Or the north side when they are not. Also i dont really care about how big the waves or how clean the break is. If they suck just take a longboard out. This spot is just chill. The people are chill there, you can honestly paddle out and talk to anyone out there. And you dont have to deal with a crowd like on 7th street where its a bunch of people just trying to prove themselves. Surfing is supposed to be laid back and fun! Not a bunch of guys out there hot dogging it...a wave isn't meant to be "shred"apart but to be ridden. A surfer is meant to go with the wave!

By Anonymous , 18-04-2007

no title - "That dude by anonymous
4 May 2005 - 00:12
' people(little kids, ugly fat moms/dads, kayakers, Those always ripping Posers w/ only the best boards,wetsuits, etc) getting in your way, without hesitation.'"

What ever happened to surfing being a friendly sport where you can paddle out and make friends with the other people out there without having to bust on everything they do. It's just annoying hearing things that just dont matter when your out there. Surfing is a recreation sport which means your supposed to have fun. Ive been reading the reviews and have seen so many people giving other people ON THE SITE shit about stuff.

By jsin , 01-06-2005

beat - first off, everyone knows this place is a weak wave to begin with, no top to bottom bombs, outside crumbly garbage...and now that the sand has all washed away, it doesnt even break, even with a solid swell, go somewhere else, like sea isle or AC

By anonymous , 04-05-2005

That dude - Brought back that kook word I see..Well, on that note, this spot is kooks, shoobies, few locals that aren't "shredding" at waverly, old dudes from PA that think it's their spot(Fart on their heads), people(little kids, ugly fat moms/dads, kayakers, Those always ripping Posers w/ only the best boards,wetsuits, etc) getting in your way, without hesitation. Life guards are the biggest clowns that I have ever seen as well. Nothing to look foward to unless it's offseason w/ pumpin waves.


Calm down all you SHREDDA'S - To create the scene for a winter day at 59th street...

OHH you know the drill, you got on the internet last night and checked out every surf cam, and surf report there was. You watched the weather channel, ya called up Supplies to hear Greg talk about the swell, VICTORY AT SEA he says! Now most guys wouldn't dream of paddling out, but if you listen to the report just a little longer, you hear Greg say, with a light Off Shore wind, so catch it early!

You call all your buds, most of them are a bunch of bitches and are afraid to call out of work, but you know who is reliable and who's not. So you commit your best freind to meet you at his house 5:30am sharp. You wax your board the night before, pack up your damp freezing cold wetsuit that still hasn't dried out, ya play a little Kelly Slater Pro surfer, watch the Endless Summer 11, and go to sleep.

The alarm clock goes off, you grab a bowl of coco puffs, grab a pair of warm hat and gloves and your warmest coat. Next, you notice there is a coat of ice on your windshield that you don't have enough time to scrape off because you'll be late. So you drive with the window open and your defrost on high.

You arrive at your bud's house, he tells you to pop in a cd that he has. Like magic to your ears, Gary Howie is crankin and your blood starts to rush. About midway into Ocean City your bud busts out the spliff of a lifetime and your smokin out while you can see white spray comming off the waves around 49th street. You know it's big as shit and your too amped to drive 25mph.

You pull up and the sun is just starting to peak over the water. Sky is orange, white spray is flying in the air with seagulls in the mix. All you hear is PCCCCCCHHHHHHHGGGGG, as the waves pound the shore. You run out of your car as fast as you can to check the surf and there is no one out, its clean and ohhhhh sooo sweet.

You change into your damp wetsuit, nipples soo freekin hard you think they are going to fall off. Your dick looks like a scared turtle in a hair cage of hell, but you don't care. You paddle out, do a couple of hellaishish duck dives and end up having a ice cream headache.

You hug the pier, and all you can think about is sharks. You catch your first wave and its like heaven! Orange faces with yellow tubes! You duck into a tube yell DIP YOUR BALLS IN IT!!! As your friend paddles by and hoots for ya!

Time and time again you catch these magnificant waves and enjoy the awesome sunrise and exhilarating surf.

This is what 59th street means to me. Its not a place to shred, its not 1st street, it's not competition Matt Keenan Kook land 7th street. It's what real surfing means to me. It takes you back to your roots of what surfing is all about.

Its the kind of place that if your paddling for a wave and another guy is paddling right beside you for the same wave, ya say.... go for it man... it's all you!

More than likely, that same guy will come back and say thanks for giving that one up.. and let you have the next set.

At 59th street you soul surf, not throw your tail around get big airs and yell at people. You tuck into the barrell and hope that when you paddle off to catch your next wave.. you see your best friend get the ride of his life!

I hope 59th street stays this way, some of my best surfing experiences came from 59th street. The place means alot and it's sad to see a bunch of young hardcore shredders freak the fuck out and ruin a good day. They all surf like the sponsors, camara's, and judges are right there on the beach. It's a shame that some people will never truly know what it's like to free surf.

To all the longboarders at 59th street....
Keep your toes on the nose, and the next time you have a stand up barrell, yell dip your balls in it!


By anonymous , 28-10-2004

classic - This spot is can be down right crap garbage mush or can leave you running back to your car for your board. I've surfed this spot for a few years now, and it is nice a nice alternative to the north end of oc. The best winds for 57th & 59th street are W, NW. I've scored plenty of good sessions at this spot. A lot of the old longboard guys like to come here and the sandbar creates enough sets and waves for everyone. so get down to the south end for some fun

By anonymous , 28-09-2004

9/25 - Great day. Powerful waves from Jeanne. Some weirdos and lots of unneccesary wet suits.

By anonymous , 07-10-2003

no title - The water is really really cold now. Its frosty outside, too cold to surf so kooks go home.

By anonymous , 22-08-2003

no title - pack up your bics, blue crush fantasies and abercrombie boardshorts its time for the offseason

By Bill , 21-07-2003

no title - This place has its times. As you can see from the photo the bars were good in 2002. Fun place to surf in dead winter. One time in Jan 2002 I was so stoned I forgot to zip up the friggin wetsuit. That was pretty cool. Good 4-5 foot barrels. Mostly close outs but the few makeable ones made it more than worth it. I had just surfed high tide at a certain jetty north of here, south of LBI. Good south. Nice and cold. 45 an eigth shit and some Mack an Mancos after the sessions. I love jersey in the winter. Cold, surf filled weekdays while everyone's at school or work. Yeah.

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