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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 37th st - ocean city

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By anonymous , 05-05-2006

A solid spot - This is one of thoes breaks that can change in size drasticly in a matter of min. I've been there in the morning when it is only knee high and come back later that afternoon and it's wast to chest. The best time to surf it is on an incomeing tide any other time can be a waste

By Shawn BUchanan , 19-03-2006

- this spot can produce pretty long rides when the swell is big enough to break over the second sand bar. block long rides are possible

By x , 01-10-2005

decent - decent for beginners in the summer, but know how to control your board. tons of little kids there in the summer

By tony , 17-09-2005

good like 5 times a year - hey this is tony i surf and bodyboard ocean city all year long and theres some solid swells in the winter just bring a fullsuit and a hoodie the waters cold as hell. in the summer u can find a decent wave in the hurricane season

By Klox , 22-04-2005

300 M ? - I doubt there are very many IF ANY days when the waves are 300 meters long. This is true for the entire eastern seaboard. Maybe a pointbreak in Nova Scotia. Get Real. 50 yards would be an exceptional day!

By Tim , 08-03-2005

gnarly locals - hey bros watch out when the swells are good in the summer you got this little kid on a bodyboard he sicks but he usually hits u if ur in his way chech him out he usually is around 31-32 street like evryday in the summer and 8th in the winter. I saw him drop right into a nice barrell during hurrucane isabel on like a 10 foot wave this bro is sick.

Keep surfing tim

By anonymous , 30-10-2004

Gets real good... - I live right near gets huge in the late summer. Double over-heard...real nice.

By anonymous , 17-11-2003

no title - Ive been to 41st...close enough, and 41st can get good when its big enough (head high + but thats not very often). Its a pretty far paddle though...but it can be fun there, and no crowds.

By anonymous , 18-08-2003

no title - gets good about 3 times a year

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