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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 19 ave belmar

USA, North East, New Jersey

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By Anonymous , 11-12-2009

- Wow! PA kooks should stay home. We don't own these ocean breaks, but only people in NJ pay the taxes for the beaches, erosion, sand replenishment projects. So it's NJ residents who do own the beach thru taxes and the local community property taxes. If you want to surf, try three rivers.

By hablala! , 16-01-2005

Word Cotton, Word - Yeah man, I broke a board there in October. Belmar can get a steep drop when the tide is right, but the place goes off when it's good! And that Brady photo of McNamera shows that Belmar can hold size too.

By MS , 29-11-2004

- I admit, I am a nerd and spend lots of time on this website -- but Dave Eggars, how much time do you spend on these message board? I see your name on every post for every spot. Not a bad thing at all, of course. I also recall that you are from Camden. I'm from Philly, wanna surf sometime?

By MS , 29-11-2004

- Being from SoCal and living I can give some insight to some of these messages. First, I don't know one place in PA that is 30 min from Belmar. I live in Philly and it is a good 1 1/4 hrs to any coast. Second, having surfed about 5 of the PV spots, I can say that the rap of the area is really overrated. I surfed a bunch of the spots without a second glance from most guys there. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves and wonders if the guy next to them is some local who will fight them. At Lunada and stuff that's a different story. To be honest, there aren't really fights there anymore. Paddle out if you'd like and expect to get stared at, paddled around, dropped in, and yelled at if you overstep your boundary (i.e. do anything). Heck, just pulling up and checking the spot will get you some stares if local guys are around.

By David Eggars , 26-11-2004

- PA is Farther away than thirty minutes to get to ANY coastal NJ area. Sorry just wanted to point that out. And you Scranton boys stop buying our herion in Patterson. That's ours! You might end up on COPS with that annoying dago cop.

By welcome to belmar bitch! , 23-11-2004

locals rule what? - This kind of attitude is what is starting to give surfers a bad name, instead of just enjoying the waves you have to threaten fellow surfers over your so called "territory". The second you show me a deed to the ocean I will stay out of your water, but untill then you should accept the fact that there are going to be people surfing at Belmar that don't actually live in Belmar. I personally live in PA about 30 minutes from Belmar and me and my boys are there whenever its good, even if the water temp. is 30 degrees in the middle of Febuary. When you say local you imply that Belmar is your break, when in reality its everyone's. The crowds in summer are tough and irritating, but if you want uncrowded waves bad enough youll find them, either by waking up at 6 am or by putting on 7 mm lobster claws on new years day. either way it isnt your break, and as far as im concerened your not a local either, because a true local would be able to reaize thier blessing of living right next to the beach ad sharing that with everyone who respects the ocean and surfing.

By SurfHunter , 19-10-2004

You dont know @#$t about Belmar! - Please stay in Scranton Pa. you Kook! If you lived here you know that spot doesnt work that often. When it does were all over it.

By anonymous , 18-08-2004

- This place is a really mushy wave...there are plenty of better places to surf than here.

By Ignorant Local You Are , 26-07-2004

Re: What Is This Crap? - The Locals rule the peak? Oh come on now...? Save your agro attitude for DJs you loser! Call yourself a local...Ooooooooooooo you're so cool. The bottom line is you have a right to have an attitude if acts are intentional out in the line-up, but spare the localism crap to the Rick Cane era. But I agree with you that sometimes people who post spots don't know what the hell they are talking about!!!

By The rev , 17-07-2004

- Oh come on,they all go to private or parochial schools just like in the Brigatine/AC area.

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