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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Long Island NY

USA, North East

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By Monroe ST LOcals , 17-11-2008

LOCALISM too you Barneysss - To you nyc people just stay in the city and surf rockaway its not ah bad break....Long beach is super crowded already no need to come down and drop in on everyone around and think its ok... You shouldnt come here if your not atleast from nassau..... Stay out pleaseee !!!! thankyouuu

By Anonymous , 03-09-2008

surfing long island - hi,

i live and study in munich germany and i'll visit new york next week. even though there is little opportunity in munich to surf i'm a passionate surfer since i started surfing last year in spain. this year i went to the canary islands for surfing. of course my surfing skills are still very limited. since i'll be in new york for a week i really want to check out the waves there and go surfing for one or two days.
i'd be very grateful if you gave me some piece of advise for instance on which, not too crowded beach, i can rent a board.

greetz martin

By Anonymous , 27-05-2008

NYC to LB - Ignore LBC, he is a liar and thinks being a surfer entitles him to be a douche. I live in the city and surf LB all the time and most people there are cool and I have never been hassled. It is crowded during the summer though; however wimpy summer waves are not worth fighting someone over. To the person asking for surf shop and lesson advice, I have always been treated well by Unsound Surf and they can hook you up with someone for lessons (ask for Candice). LB Surf is also a good shop with a large selection of boards. Fun shapes are good beginner boards but just talk to someone who surfs that works at the shop and they will steer you in the right direction. As far as cost, buy a used board for your first if you can.

By Anonymous , 26-03-2008

noob - hi i am a brand new surfer on long island and i am looking for a lot of advice. For example, what shops should i go to for the best lesson? and when i want to by my first board, how big should it be and from what company? if anybody has any advice please comment

By Anonymous , 28-12-2007

local(the non asshole variety) - Gotta agree with surferchick. There are way to many assholes that surf on long island. Its refreshing when you surf somewhere and the people are actually cool. Its hard to come by these days. Hey local, if I surfed at your spot and u touched my car I'd beat the Sh*t out of you. get your head out of your arse. Surfing is supposed to be a way to get away from people like you. Grow up

By LOCAL , 31-05-2007

Shut it - Yo surferchick stop complaining about localism go ahead paddle out at my beach i hope you dont like your car. You wont get a wave you frigin kook get out of the water what are you a hippie go complain somewhere else about localism

By SurferChick34 , 21-05-2007

Localism - I'm a new surfer, after many years of bodyboarding, and I love it. I live in Long Beach, and I'm a "local" here and to the Rockaways.

I came here to research new places to surf, and I wanted to say that the attitudes of the some of the people on this site are really crappy. I guess you think that no one should be allowed to learn how to surf or experienced surfers should have new experiences by trying out your break. What a shitty way to think. I always thought that riding waves was about the aloha spirit. Yeah, there will always be idiots in the line-up, but there are also should be a lot of friendly, helpful faces. You never know when it's YOUR ass that's going to need saving.

If you hate WannaSurf so much for "exploiting" your beloved breaks - then why come here? You should be out surfing instead of sitting on your ass complaining.

Stop turning surfing into a testosterone festival driven by high school boys. Grow up. You don't own the ocean. I've seen more mature people playing in the whitewash!

By Anonymous , 16-04-2007

dude - Yo guys I live in Long Beach NY. I have a 3/2 billabong foil wetsuit with 5mm excel infinite booties. What months do you guys suggest surfing in.

By Guillermo , 25-09-2006

Directions to a surf spot - Hi there,
I just moved to Manhattan and I was trying to find out how I can get to a surf spot by public transport system... I do not care much about the wave, the closest one to a train or bus station...
I just want to ride a wave!!! 1 star.... 5 stars.... another question: Where can I rent a surfboard, wetsuit and leash? Maybe not the wetsuit if the water is not that cold...

By Ben , 02-09-2006

September Swells Charity Party - The web-site for our party is and we are interested in targeting NY, and New Jersey surfers. The event is being sponsored by Woodshed films, and in addition to a silent auction with great items, there will be free items as well from our various sponsors. The bar will be open at the party(hence the ticket price) and we will show a film by Chris Malloy. In addition, Chris himself will be present to show this new film preview. All proceeds are going to our charity, and all funds will be used to further education progress in Micronesia. This event takes place the night of September 6th,

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