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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 09-02-2009

Xavier - The guy is joking man.

By Anonymous , 06-11-2008

fuck off mate - tahitians r the coolest ppl ever if u dont like stay in france u fuckwit

By Anonymous , 07-11-2007

qz. - is it a good idea 2 go to hawaii in december and stay for 1-2 months time...?
i mean surfcindisions and stuff... in austalia right now, and it sux right now...


By Anonymous , 24-09-2007

who the hell are you xavier - look seriously what the hell was that comment about...seriously you're french i dont understand you're not the most civilized of people,look stop stop complaining and get surfing honestly...

By , 04-07-2007

Mon Dieu! - I am a French. Proud although I must live and vague beachcomber in France, I make occasionally have pleasure to visit the exotic islands, particularly our large colonies in the Peaceful South. I visited Fiji and Tahiti. Alas, my lord! When I visited Hawaii I was shocked by the behavior of the savages there. Never have me met a class of the indigenes so not refined and unciviized! It is not acceptable to have a state occidentalized such as Hawaii to order, if not in the government but in the social mores, by the same natives as the world more civilized must subject by colonizing them. I was very happy to leave the area and of going to New Caledonia, where at least the natives are private with the French habit. And I was happiest to turn over in large France, sits of raised culture, art and advanced intelligence. If ever I must still travel to the exotic grounds, I will bring with me a lance rather than a board of surfing. It is for my own protection! - Xavier

By Anonymous , 15-05-2007

New Rule - If you support Rip Curl, you get dropped in on!!! World Wide.

By your mom , 12-03-2007

surf - come to my house

By Anonymous , 10-02-2007

where is best surfing & kite surfing in January? - Can anyone tell be the best places in Maui and Kuai in January? Thanks

By , 11-01-2007

good spots ??? - Hie my name is Karim , I am a French surfer and I will go to hawaii (Oahu) in febrery with my girl friend, and we are looking for a place to sleep for a correrct price. We are looking for a place in the north shore near Pipe. All we have seen right now is to expencive. Thanks and happy new year.

By Mark Griffiths UK surfer. , 02-12-2006

ask the locals - i am coming to hawaii on the 8th of december. i was wondering what boards to bring with me. i have all differnt size boards from 6'0 to 9-6 i thought i would bring a tuff light 6, 6 and a 7, 6 mini mal i don't know whether to bring my 6'4 fish what do you guys think? and i promise to treat u all with the respect u deserve.

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