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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 White plains beach

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 17-05-2012

Awesome place to learn, gets way overcrowded - This is where I learned to surf and I do have to say it is very nice. I would always head down to the far right to get away from everyone and head out pretty far to get the waves to myself. I always like to go either early morning or later in the day to avoid the big crowds. I would tend to avoid this spot if you want a more secluded and a far less populated spot.

By Anonymous , 01-10-2010

love it - i'm still a new surfer and i love taking my board out here. there are a lot of other beginners, so i'm not the only one falling :) plus the waves are really consistent and even with the number or surfers out there, there's plenty of room. i love catching one way out there and riding it pretty much into the beach

By Anonymous , 22-03-2010

Great longboard and beginner wave. - It's very family friendly and easily accessable. The wave is kinda like Waikiki but with more beginners and more military. I surfed there for the four years I lived there while serving in the Army. I started surfing in San Diego,CA at age 14. So I didn't have any issues riding the waves at all. When it gets shoulder to overhead though it really get fun on any board...especially a twin fin fish. So have fun here and spread the aloha spirit.

By Local Boy 808 , 06-06-2008

LongBoarder - I've been longboarding at WP for about 2 years now. Everyone is friendly and willing to teach the military/tourists (haolez) out there. Inexperienced surfers should stay on the inside break near the buoys in order to stay out of the way of the local surfers. The paddle out to the lineup can be difficult because there arent any channels to ease your way outside. All in all, its a good place to learn, cruise, and check out the wahine surfers.

By Anonymous , 01-07-2007

great for beginners - ok so i have been surfing for a little over a week now and i find it really easy to surf over there, the waves arent huge, but they r good if u r a beginner.

By C.S. Huddy , 31-05-2007

Shark Attack - Fenceline 5/30/07 - Yesterday between the hours of 5:00-5:30 pm a local surfer was surfing the inside section near Fencelines and a shark bit the tail of his surfboard.
The shark became entangled in his leash and dragged his surfboard away from him and bit the leash off. The local braddah was not injured but a bit shook up and his board sustained some damages during the incident.
The lifeguards quickly evacuated the surfing area with the Coastguard helicopter circling the waters offshore. The beach was closed and may remain closed for 24 hours as a general rule.
According to the surfer, the shark was estimated between 7-8' long and the species not determined. As I had mentioned earlier in a previous posting, they are out there and we all have to respect that!
Fortunately, the braddah was riding a longboard with lenght to spare. Respect the ocean and respect others around you!!

By Zac , 01-04-2007

how to surf barbers without fighting the crowd - Locals usually come in the morning to late afternoon. About this spot is that there are way too much people there. Yeah its great for beginners but when you have grown up surfing there you pretty much know how it works. Long boarders are killers over there. There is at least one or two long boarders on every wave. When it gets big its best to state on the outside because the insides closeout alot. My personal favoite area in barbers is that if you line yourself up with the cottages on the right side facing the beach, on a big day not much people will go there. There are good lefts. Mainly because im a goofy footer. But when you get in closer toward the shore it gets pretty shallow. So dont jump off your board. I have surfed here since i was a 7. Now im 17, so i think that if you want to excel your surfing go down to haubush, its alot better because you dont have to deal with the crowd and the ride is longer and in rare ocaasions can actually barrel. There are some sharks there in the water. I have surfed when there was a shark in the water at barbers, word was going around in the line up and some people started to go in. I did see the shark but it was a hammerhead, it wasnt too much of a threat. If your a hardcore surfer than you would surf anyways.On small days at barbers, hang out in the inside, it tends to build up again. The curent there is not too strong but you really dont want to be caught inside. If your on a shortboard, you really have to work that thing and dodge people. Sometimes it fells like waikiki there.Anyways, just hang out by the place you feel is the best because people there dont know where the waves break at all. That is why its a beginners spot. If you stay away from the crowd, youll catch more waves. TRUST ME !!!

By waxer , 17-03-2007

love/hate relationship - It's a nice little spot. You probably ain't gonna get shacked out there, but you can get a lot of long, fun rides. As others have said, it gets real good on a big south or SW swell. Best I've seen it was during that freak south swell we got back in December. When it gets like that, you can get some nice steep drops. It's not a very fast-moving wave, and usually doesn't have much power to it, so it's real easy to just catch waves and stay on 'em. It's probably the best place on the island for people to learn how to surf.

Beginners and kids don't really choke up this spot, because they tend to stick to the whitewash closer to the beach. And there are some real nice lookin' surfer babes that visit this beach on a regular basis, so even if you ain't gettin' waves, you have plenty of nice scenery to look at out there. And the waves don't just break in one spot - they're all over the place, so you can often get a break all to yourself, especially if you go west down the beach.

I'm not very talkative when I'm at the beach - I'm just there to get my waves and relax - but I can tell you that it's an EXTREMELY friendly crowd that surfs here. Even the local boys are chill. People talk to each other a lot out there.

But sometimes, I really HATE this spot. It's very unpredictable, and it's sometimes hard to figure out where the waves are gonna break. And sometimes that current is such a pain - I swear, if I sat there for one full hour, not paddling at all, I'd end up floating over to Tracks. Not to mention that no matter what, you have to paddle through the waves. There's no channel. So however big the waves are, that's what you're gonna have to paddle through most likely.

It's good, though. I go there all the time. In the winter time, there's usually no one there, and the waves are almost always surfable. They may be tiny, but you can catch them. Now that spring is rolling along, the waves are coming up again, so it should be decent pretty much every day. I remember back this last summer and early fall, I was surfing here every day for weeks on end. Best to get there early in the morning, when there's not too many people. I usually get there at 7am and stay until 11 or 12. If you go on a weekend this time of year, expect a massive crowd.

As for the car break-ins... I go there all the time, sometimes four times a week. Been surfing there for almost a year, and my car's never been broken into. Then again, my car's a 1998 Pontiac El Crappo, so thieves wouldn't give it a second look probably no matter where I am. Just bring a crappy car and don't leave valuables in there, you'll be fine. Besides, they got them Hui O Ku Koa military contractor guards keeping on eye on things, and the Navy police usually patrol through there now and then, so it's not bad at all.

If anyone's wondering, I'm that quiet haole on a wooden-looking longboard that takes a lot of lefts.

That's all I have to say at the moment, so take care everyone.

By C.S. Huddy , 24-11-2006

Sharks at Officers Beach. - Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But they are out their everyday, sharks, but you don't know where they are.

I have experienced my fair share of witnessing for the number of years I haved surfed at this break. Fear is suggested, not given. If it is your time you will know. Just respect the ocean.

We have more to lose on land than the ocean, they were there first, we are the intruders adding to their food chain.

This is a great beach for all to enjoy and when the Ewa Marina is finally completed if approved, there will be more things to be concerned of.

They will have to dredge for the boat channel and build a breakwall which is just on the other side (Ewa) of the fence.
This may make or break this spot but during the interim the water will get dirty and all the channeling will possibly attract sharks like when they built the sewage outfall 3 miles outside Chicken Creek at Onelua beach park.

They had to use dynamite to channel parts of the reef which attracted curious men and women in the gray suits. We surfed next to the man made steel pier that they used to lay the piping and often saw sharks swimming in the area.

In closing, be thankful for what you have, be thankful to be able to share with each other in the ocean, this is Hawaii and never forget that.

By , 13-11-2006

I spotted one - I've lived on Oahu for 3 years and I have come to trust white plains beach as a shark-free surf spot.
Its a great break, perfect to learn on. Theres even a bar & grill on the beach.

but about 2 weeks ago me and my wife took out the long board for a spin.after 10 minutes I saw a fin come outta the water several times. It was about 50 feet away from me. I'd have to say about 150 feet from the buoys. It was right there on the line up. Not way out where all the overzealous surfers paddle out to.

another group of people saw it too. Only a handfull of us came back in.

Needless to say, I'm looking for another break.

I've recently learned that that entire beachfron is a bit too trashy, and scavengers and hunters like sharks are all too common.

Believe what you want, just wanted to share a bit of information.


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