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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 21-07-2007

Well said - To the poster below, well said. I'm from O'ahu. The locals at this spot are cool, if you are.

Just to give some perspective. Hawai'i surf spots are becoming exponentially more crowded as the years go on. Cut the locals some slack. Many bust their as*es just to be able to survive here because of the rising cost of living (this is homeland to native-Hawaiians and still a part of Polynesia, it's insulting that someone else must profit when we just try to survive here as there isn't enough open spaces anymore for us to live off the land like before, and most everything must now be purchased, albeit at insane prices, even for basic necessities)...and they just want some waves after work.

Imaging seeing the spot you grew up at turn into a straight up circus everytime there is a swell...and it's getting worse every year. It is happening here more than anywhere else since we are considered the 'vacation-state' of the world, now (don't forget, this place was controversially annexed, most Hawaiians here voted AGAINST it...but of course, we can't cry over spilled milk and bring back the past, just trying to spread awareness). say the least.

Don't be surprised if some locals just lose it...and don't take it personally, anyone.

Tip: Please remember ANY spot ANYwhere in the world...USE THE CHANNELS AND DON'T DROP IN. You should be safe and having fun if you do.


By Anonymous , 28-02-2007

Fun spot, as long as you take it for what it is. - Im from England and Walls was a good base in which to get a tast of Hawain surf, however it becomes very overcrowded and just not fun if you stay in the water too long. There are good waves to be had if you go during the Summer swell, the locals were friendly as long as you treat them with respect.

By George ( , 18-06-2006

don't underestimate walls - i just uploaded a bunch of pics of a nice 2-4 foot summer swell. hopefully these pics will be added here to and do this underrated spot on the south shore some justice. try come to walls during a summer swell and you'll see for yourself how good these waves at this spot can be.

By manboy , 24-11-2005

the wall - i am from england and i recently got back from hawaii where i surfed the wall and it was rubbish. the locals hogged the waves then i went to pipeline and ripped up to there. gutted hawaiins

By stoney DK 360 , 07-10-2005

wall rats for lyfe - this goes out to the wall rats...

you know who you are!!!

420 smoke a phat one nicca

By anonymous , 20-07-2005

sweet session - today july 19 5:30am in water sitting 20 yards to the right of the beuy...6ft face height waves start to roll in..i caught the set wave did a 360 past the shallow reef and finished em off with a quick in-out barrel on the inside...sweet!!walls is pretty fun when theres no crowds and no wind and waves...the reef starts to almost pop up on the inside and infront of the wall..about anke deep so i caught a huge double up!!! from right next to the beuey BOMB WAVE i went left paddleing to get the drop in on the doubling sectoin witch was to the left of the wall facing shore so i drop in and cut right really fast stall for the barrel but miss em so i kick with my fins to pick up speed for the second barreling double up infront of the wall and ride up towards the lip stall drop in... stall c the lip starting to peel perfectly in front of me so i kick again get inside the barrel and cut throgh the lip right before close out then do another spinner on the inside woohoo

By , 05-07-2005

well said - nice notes Xman~props X2....during summer swells if u c it breaking bout 200 yards outside da beouyes strait out from the wall, go for it, it got some bomb publics but its deeper and a little faster wave den where der reef is...if u want to escape da crowds..go down at 5:45am 2-10 people out...yeah umm if ur vistiting and new to the sport...u must yeild a wave to the closest person to where the wave is breaking..locals get pissed if u dont..yeah i might suggest to go to the left side...waves are less powerfel...just stay out of peopls ways

By Xman , 13-06-2005

Walls is an underrated spot. - Yeah, insane amount of people in the water, but if you are skilled at knowing where to be, it's fun. On a good day, there are clean 2-4 footers with about 5 different launches.
Basically, just so crowded. Also, the reef is shallow so begginers will have to be aware of this. Especially when the sets come in at 4-6. Most of the time when it gets that big the quality goes down, but an outer break appears. 2-4 will probably give you the best of both worlds.

By Eilowkin , 29-01-2005

dear haters, - all you guys on here that are saying crappy stuff about walls need to shut up. the kids that go there have no where else to go. if you dont like the place, stay the hell away, but you dont gotta diss it. everybody has gotta start somewhere. just because you think ur so bad ass for going ns, you dont gotta hate on others. find something better to do with your time.

By u guys go on shitty day , 23-01-2005

walls=good - IF u go during the sumer its gets up to 8 feet on oacasions...tahts when it starts getting nice...ive been to sandys and sunset....i noe waves...and kids are cool

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