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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tumbo land

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 18-04-2010

OUch - This place can EASILY crack your skull. Like Sandy's shorebreak almost (but makeable sometimes) onto REEF. No joke

By Locally unknown , 20-02-2007

You are straight up, surfnallover, howerver, to others... - To those who are not in the know, don't overlook RACE all together. To overlook someone's race is personal arrogance. Remember, many are proud to be of their 'race'. Each has it's own uniqueness. Treat everyone with respect, but don't COMPLETELY overlook what makes the world COLORFUL AND NOT GRAY. (not yelling, the caps are just for emphasis). Remember, those Hawaiians who still want to live off the land are NOT BUMS. Just because you don't completely understand natural island living doesn't mean there is more knowledge there than meets the common urban American eye. Respect All, and truly and respectfully converse with all :) ... Coming from a local's mouth... (abstract...yes, but I hope you all get the gist of this)

By surfnallover , 28-12-2006

Idiots - You are both idiots. To bash someone because they're haole is as idiotic as the knucklehead who thinks his white ancestors conquered then taught ancient Hawaiians. The Hawaiian islands were not conquered by anyone but Kamehameha I. Liliokalani had the sense to avoid bloodshed but at a price. Give respect wherever you go/surf and don't tolerate low IQ'd people who still base their opinions on race.

By For ever injured , 11-10-2006

Broken Shoulder and Neck - Just so you guys know! 5 years ago, i was on the top WQS, almost made the WCT, but unfortunately, i surfed this spot at medium tide, dislocated my shoulder and got two herniated disc in my neck, which sent me straight to retirement. Therefore, think before you go, in case of doubt, DON'T GO. PS: Locals rock this place.

By Your Teacher , 31-08-2006

Teaching - Well, we Haoles are simply there to teach you to spell and read in the language that conquered your ancestors!

By kebaso , 25-12-2004

- haha i dont understan why we even tell about this place even if some hoales paddled out they wouldnt get a wave and if they did they would just get messed up.... haha stay home and surf ur weak mainland sh*t

By , 19-05-2004

Bare sandstone reef suckups......... - Tumbleland...on the Westside of Ohau. Hows about pulling into a four foot (wait a minute...this is not mainland scale...Hawaiian scale.... 8 foot face) the lip is pitching 5 feet into the flat.... riding two feet behind the curtain...and then the water sucks up off of the slimy sandstone and you are sliding on the reef in the tube...and the backwash hits. Relax your body and get bumped over the reef...try to stop yourselfand..hahhahaha stitches....slide along and you are OK Bruises are okay...broken bones and stitches are not.

I would love to surf with other BODYBOARDERS.....there are no surf boards at Tumbleland...The reef is too me

By "Y"anae , 09-05-2004

wesside reprazent! - wild wild west, they don't call it that for nothing! get nutz!!

By aLmosT deA , 27-06-2003

Re:Beach Hunniez - Yups sistah i totally agree wit u..Cuz meeh too live only 5 minutes away up by Coral Sands..And yes we kick it ova der and we jess relax..Oh yeah n wassup to da life guards!!

By bruddah , 05-04-2003

ho sistah! - yo bret iz hauna!

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