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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Rice bowls

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By jared leto , 27-04-2010

look at all the aloha from you guys. - you get waves at bowls because you drop in or snake waves. you have to...i surf there too. if you surf a break alot you can be a little more put in the time to be there all the time and dial in the wave. if you show up and have never surfed it or area bi-weekendly warrior..then be patient and be alert...take the waves you can without being an ass until you've surfed there alot. whether you went to punahou or smoke meth in front of the nanikuli 76 station, we live have aloha and if someones being an idiot...tell them. theres just no need for this stupid getting paid to surf..? didnt think so. so why you so worried.

By Anonymous , 31-12-2009

- best wave on the south shore by far when its on, better than bowls. it just only gets like that a handful of times a year and needs to be at least solid 4 feet to break good, and closes out at 7.

By Anonymous , 19-12-2007

Cut the crap and take off deep if you have probs - Noone should drop in on anyone...period. I sure as hell don't, and I never had a problem anywhere...even in California or Oregon.

BTW, my last name is Ho'opi'i, which shouldn't, but does matter to some.

By Anonymous , 19-12-2007

You need an editor - Hey outrigger punahou kahala! I hope you know you are missing a few commas in your post. Maybe your teacher at Punahou would be willing to correct your mistakes.

By Anonymous , 12-09-2006

outrigger punahou kahala - You can tell that OCC haole went to Iolani and not Punahou, just look at his bad punctuation and spelling. I however did go to Punahou and I pull in deeper than anyone at Ricebowls.

By anonymous , 03-06-2006

To the guy who posted this spot - Why even post it if you want no one surfing there? Now everyone will show and there's nothing you can do about it. You probably feel pretty dumb now, huh? If not, you should. See you out there.

By s , 12-07-2005

lived in front of this place for about 3 years. - Hi. When you are in the water, look in, and you'll see sort of an oriental style building, black last time I was there, and 5-6 stories. Lived in that place for about 3 years, and surfer Joe Tiepal had the top right penthouse as well.

Rice Bowls was mainly a spot for the OC Club. If it was going off, the guys had their friends on the phone, and instant crowd. I surfed it a couple times, one day with the launching pad going off, and another we caught with no one out, screwing around with huge boards, on a rising swell. I know I went out there a bunch of times, and kept just moving up towards Diamond Head, to get away from the crowds. Other waves not quite as good, but the crowd of 20-30 guys, waiting through the lulls, was too much. I think I had an 8'5" gun that I used on the bigger day I remember. It was easy to get in, and the wave rifled, hollow, left. Fun wave. Some guy from the outrigger was doing laybacks in the tube, backside. Fantastic surfer, haole.

The other time that was really fun I took a 10'8" bay gun out, to sort of long board with a local bartender friend of mine, Terri. He was from another canoe club, blue shirts. Anyway, it started to come up, and, with a very low tide, it was 4 foot, and, on the big boards, you could glide accross the flat, end of rice Bowls, into another left, that just continued to peal in very shallow water
a looonnng way. Really fun.

Tiepal said the spot used to be much better. Guess the sand shifted, or something. As far as the whole local thing, a real non-issue. Most of the guys were local haole guys, and, I don't mean guys that talk pidgen.


By david joseph , 03-05-2005

Just surf the wave - Whyy does everyone get so hyped up, calling people faggots outriggers and nasty locals. In my experience Rice bowls when its on is a very humbling wave, and if you just keep to yourself and smile, you will get that set wave that just covers you up, and spits yopu out. Come with a good attitude and leave with a good stoke. We all surf the waves, and if rice bowls is even breaking theres plenty waves for everyone.

By Pete , 02-12-2004

OCC HAOLE - I am a proud member of the Outrigger, I am a proud haole, but I didn’t go to Punahou. I went to Iolani. Why are you such a whinny nag? Is it because you are jealous of our private schools? We had to work our asses off to graduate while you probably got to skip school all the time. If I see you out there and you give me attitude I’ll slap you around a bit. Keep an eye out for me. I will be ridding either my Al Merrick, Doc Lausch, Downing, Arakawa, Brewer, or maybe I’ll ask my dad for a new board. YEAH BIATCH! OCC IS #1, #1, #1!

By Not scared in the least by Ala Moana Locals , 03-08-2003

Ala moana Locals? - Are you serious? If you think ala moana is localized, you're weak. I'm haole, and I get fuckin' plenty waves at The Bowl. As for the "Outrigger Faggots" I think they are pretty cool. I'm not a member myself, but I know plenty of them. Sure, some are spoiled like little bitches, but that doesn't mean Rice Bowls is a shitty break. . BIATCH!! Quit fuckin' hatin' and let's get together and feel all right.

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