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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Point panic

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 15-07-2008

Crowds - Crowds are bad, but they're just worse when we're lame to one another. So long as we're respectful to one another there shouldn't be an issue body-surfer body-boarder, surfer, shark whatever .

By Anonymous , 19-12-2006

Body surfing - Great body surfing wave! The rest of the island is for surfing (I surf too) so go anywhere else! Attitude won't get you anywhere.

By Anonymous , 19-12-2006

Chris - That post by soriano that grew up near pp was beautiful. If everyone had that attitude out in the water everyone would have more fun. So it's bodysurfing only, who cares, there's about 1 break every 1/4 mile from honolulu to hawaii kai, so chill out and have fun.

By goofyfoot surfa , 30-09-2006

respect.. das all it is.. - Point Panic is one solid place, it's just a body surfing spot, but the left is supa good. Just give them the right of way on the wave and u should be good. Gotta look out for DLNR too they quick to take ur board... Other than that, just have one good attitude and u should be good. Remember, give the body surfers choice for waves and u should be good.... I heard they putting up buoys now so I dunno how dats gonna go....

alohas and go big

By Anonymous , 20-08-2006

Great Lefts - When it Gets Big - Respect. That is the name of the game at PP. Give the Body guys a break, paddle out and around them, and stick with the lefts. You can still takeoff in thier zone, just give them the rights. They don't have any other place on the island, so give em a break. That being said - the rights are great and take them if no body guys are in the line up and no cops or DNR fags are around making quota (called a "goal system" now that quota's are illegal) on gay tickets. Remember the guys you beat up in high school? They now work for HPD or DNR today and will cite your kids for jaywalking. That being said... The left can get good. All about wave selection though. You can't take everything that comes. Look for optimum direction and then go and hold and try to get barreled. It will do it to ya. There is a small channel on the left after the first drop and another after the second. When it is all curtains though - surf at Flies.

By Kahu Iggy Boy Soriano - , 12-04-2006

Point Panic - Born in Kakaako, I could smell the trash burning from the incinerator, and at night listen to the wave at Point Panic crash into the rocks. As a 8 year old, my uncle Thomas, a Waikiki lifeguard, took me there and taught me how to bodysurf. No, he wasn't fat, and yes, he was the few who thought the "art" of bodysurfing without fins should be preserved. On big days, we would use 'churchill' fins - riding waves anywhere from 8 feet to an amazing 16 feet. A few surfers back then would surf alongside with us with no problem - acknowledging this place was a special "poor guys" surfing spot. I grew up poor and never had the "loose change" to buy a surfboard, but I never lost the love to ride the big ones at Banzai, Waimea, and Sunset. To make a comment and use foul language gives our sport a degrading slap in the face - and to insist that only fat guys body surf is a real joke. Come on! Go out with us old guys who still body surf, some of us at the age of 60 yrs. who head out at Makapuu. No, not just a small day, but a day when the waves will break your spine. At 6 ft. tall and weighing 180 pounds, and my Uncle Thomas, 5'10" - 150 pounds, lets see who is fat. And yes, join us when we share the wave with a shark at Point Panic!

By anonymous , 11-03-2006

south shore not as good as used to be - Yeah I've heard that a lot of breaks have decreased in wave quality- don't know about that. Panics is in front of a boat harbor, maybe they're talkin' about the actual water quality- auwe! Maybe climate change too. Anyways, Panics is fine for bodysurfers and should be kept that way. I mean, how many other spots are there for surfers? Like tons.

By Ray B. , 23-10-2005

respect bodysurfers - The last comment on point panic came from someone who doesn't understand the art of bodysurfing.This spot was given to them because surfers crowd them out of other waves all around the island.

By Rodrigo Jaú , 17-08-2005

Peace in water - Hey man, peace! Bodysurfers is not fat guys that canot surf whith boards! Someday go to north shore and see what the "fat guys" do at Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic!

By anonymous , 15-07-2005

Who's got the ego trip? - There are very few spots like this on the island for incredible bodysurfing, and to say that the guys out there are too fat to surf is ridiculous. I both surf and bodysurf, but believe that keeping one place open for people to bodysurf without being overrun by surfers is a great idea - plenty other places to take the board out. Maybe the author should try examining his own ego... Peace

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