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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Easkey , 28-02-2006

Ireland - Ok if you guys r lookin for another pipe then check out ireland,some waves there are the heaviest i have ever surfed and ive surfed pipeline and teahupoo on the epics but these irish waves have 0-2 guys out.

By wake_rider , 19-02-2006

seaside pipeline debate.... - North shore is sweet, but at seaside the locals probably wont steal your luggage, dog, and girlfriend out of your parked car while you are out riding....hahaha. Hey north shore surfers, come to canada and learn how to snowboard, but if i see any of you groms out there hitting my kicker or cutting in front of one of my bras, we wont be blowing any whistles, we will just come kick your ass.

By pipe posse killaz , 16-02-2006

cold water pipe - Pipe rules, but Seaside Point in Oregon is like a cold water pipe. I don't mind a little cold water to score perfect, almost empty i try to surf Seaside Oregon anytime i'm on the mainland(i don't even bother with California.) When you're in Seaside, ask for Dave Hessel...he's a local there and is really cool to visiting surfers. aloha

By Taylor , 14-02-2006

seaside, oregon or pipeline? - Seaside is way more fun to surf and way longer. But it gets almost as big, and it packs a punch. However, at Seaside, Oregon you don't have to worry about getting thrashed on the reef, like at pipe. Plus, and everyone who surfs pipe knows this, PIPE IS WAY TOO OVERCROWDED!!! It's close, but i'd take Seaside, Oregon. I don't care about cold water, that's just stupid. With a good wetsuit at Seaside Point, you'd think you're in's that good. Your choice.

By Joe Cool , 09-02-2006

Seaside is better wave...if you are on crack! - I would rather surf pipeline because of the warm water alone. Anyone who likes Seaside better then Pipe is a meth head from Oregon.

By Nathan , 03-02-2006

Pipe vs Seaside - Well, if you want to compare Pipe vs Seaside, Oregon, it's not that hard to do. I've surfed both many times. Both are perfect, heavy lefts(pipe is a bit heavier, but Seaside is way, way longer.) Yeah, the crowd at pipe is ridiculous. While at Seaside, it's next to nothing. 30 guys out at Seaside is considered 'really crowded.' The only thing about Seaside is the cold water, but that's what wetsuits are for! I wouldn't say one wave is better than the other, they're just different. But how much fun is it to surf pipe with 200 guys out, really? Now that pipe is so ridiculously overcrowded even on the crappy days, i'd take Seaside, Oregon any day.

By D.H. , 30-01-2006

Pipeline, yeah whatever - Yeah, have fun guys all 200 of you when your spot is on. Getting all of, what, 1 wave every hour or two? I'm from Seaside, Oregon: the best left in North America. When it's really on here on a crowded day, we might have 15-20 guys in the water(and that's on the weekend.) So have fun sitting around at pipe giving respect to a bunch of guys that don't respect you and getting thrashed by the clean up sets since you're never getting any waves there anyways. Seaside, Oregon is the mainland Pipeline. And over here, you are the haole. Aloha, kooks.

By Kesha. , 26-01-2006

R.I.P MALIK JOYEUX - I heard the news of maliks passing on christmas day and it was very sad to hear but may he rest in peace and live on in our memorys.

By jack , 24-01-2006

PORT MACQUIRE> - every1 that goes on this site check out port macquire town beach and rite a comment its on australia nsw mid north coast.. goes off.. not quiet as big a s pipe but still good

By SCHAEFFER , 10-01-2006

shut hole - The most undrrated north shore surfer of all time. Tommy Nellis. I remember seeing him get serious man hole out at sunset. His brother Dexter owns Kaui.Joe Golonka, he cried watching Rocky 4, the sign of a real man indeed.But more importantly, best lifegaurd on the NS.

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