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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Location, location, location , 07-04-2006

Hawaiian Size - Lets see...there's Pipeline maxing at 8' to 12', there's 2nd reef Pipeline at 12' to 15' and then there is 3rd reef Pipeline (where angels dare). How big? The pacific ocean doesnt follow any scales. The civil defense just sounds the alarm and the NS hangs on to life and property. Really boyz, what are you trying to compare? Forget posing, Hawaii takes balls and kills regularly. Though other places may compare well it all comes back to islands.

By Ross , 29-03-2006

Seaside Point - Is that Seaside Point in Oregon on the main page of this site where it says 'spot atlas?' It sure looks like it to me.

By David , 23-03-2006

seaside point vs pipe - well, there's no way to really compare the two waves. i live in Oregon so i surf Seaside Point a lot every year. i have been over to surf pipe a few times and caught it in the 8'-10' (mainland size range...) and the place is super, life-threatening powerful. nearly got knocked out there once. Seaside Point is a whole different story. It's long, powerful, hollow, and of course, cold. I'm not too much into risking my life on 8' waves....i'll leave that to the pros...Seaside is dangerous enough for me anyways (a guy died there a few years back.) In all honesty, i'll take Seaside Point in Oregon anytime over pipe, just for the crowd factor: the crowd at pipe is like 10x (at least) more than Seaside. The wave is so long and powerful, so perfect...right here in the woodsy Pacific Northwest....i get a smile on my face every time i push off the rocks for the paddle out....just complete bliss. If you ever get the chance, surf Seaside won't be dissapointed.

By james , 21-03-2006

seaside point - Fair point Greg. I am not suggesting that seaside point is not world class or that pipe surfers would turn up their noses at it. J-bay is world class, many would say that Rincon, Noosa, Kirra, Burleigh and dozens of other fine point breaks are also world class. I suspect Kelly would happily surf any of them.

Pipe has been the icon against which all other life threatening left barrels have been measured against for ~50 years (althought Chopes is gradually stealing this honour). There are loads of heavy waves in the South Pacific, Indo, Southern Ocean, North Pacific etc etc. I suspect that if you lined up all Pipe wannabies, Seaside would be way down the list.

By Get reallll. , 21-03-2006

Seaside bullshit! - Seaside, Oregon. Yeah, OK. I'm sure it will make the next cover of, er, Seaside Oregon surfing magazine.

By Greg , 16-03-2006

Seaside Point... - Well, i am a regular pipe surfer and from what i've seen and heard Seaside Point in Oregon sounds like a world class wave. I don't know if i'd compare it to pipe because i've never surfed it, although i read a story awhile back about Kelly Slater that said he surfs Seaside Point whenever he can. That's saying something!!! I'll definately check the place out next time i'm on the mainland for sure, it looks too good to pass up. I'll leave a post here and let you know if it's as good as everyone says!!! Aloha.

By james , 14-03-2006

seaside looks nothing like pipe - Judging by the pictures, seaside looks like a point break breaking on large boulders. This would make it more comparable to Raglan than Pipe.

Point breaks in the roaring forties latitudes are never going to be the same as tropical waves on volcanic islands. For a start the bottom contour and swell quality are completly different.

I am an ageing average joe surfer, and Seaside looks like a wave that would not intimidate average surfers at 6'-8'.

Unlike the many wannabies on this site I know my limitations, and do not dream that I could cut it at Pipe.

By hiram cho , 10-03-2006

The debate - Pipe is sweet...and i still love it on the days when you can surf it with less than a dozen guys out(which is so, so rare now.) But Seaside, Oregon is such a rad wave. I surf it whenever I visit the mainland to visit my parents. It's like cold-water macking Maldives, or Indo. So strange that everyone is talking about that place. My dream is to retire young and relocate to Seaside...and man it's so rad to surf Seaside when it's really cranking (which seems to be any time outside of summer....i've never gotten skunked there...) And there are like 5 guys out sometimes. Don't get me wrong, pipe is a great wave too...still challenging after all these years...i'm just sick of surfing with 150 guys out all the time. I'll take Seaside Point anytime. aloha

By surfuk , 09-03-2006

why why why - if you wanted to keep your spot uncrowded why brag about how much better it is than pipe on the pipeline page which is probably the most looked at one on the net? its better to keep it quiet and have the knowledge yourself that it is better without broadcasting it to the whole world! so when all those bruddahs turn up with their armchaired pickups and take over i won't say i told you so.

By c.s. crew , 01-03-2006

pipe/seaside debate 2... - pipe is a 'fun' wave. when it gets big, it's actually safer to surf because of all the extra water on the reef. Seaside Point is CORE! why? cold water. i think it's funny all you so called 'watermen' talking about how scared you are of some cold water. get real. and the water at Seaside Point isn't even THAT cold...if you can handle Santa Cruz.......Seaside, Oregon won't be any problem. and yeah it's a better wave than pipe: long, powerful, consistent and way, way less crowded.

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