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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Zach , 29-06-2006

Gerry Lopez - Yeah, that's true that Gerry Lopez lives in Oregon and surfs Seaside Point now. Guess that must tell you something about the wave quality there. I checked out some of the pics of the place and it looks EPIC! That's it..... Next year i'm gonna go over and check the place out!!!

By Thomas , 26-06-2006

The secret is out... - Look, people are talking about Seaside Point in Oregon because 1) It's a world class wave that can handle anything from 4'-18'....and it is indeed 'bad ass.' 2) People are getting sick of pipe, the crowd at pipe anytime it breaks is RIDICULOUS!!! Now, the two waves are totally different, but Seaside can get HEAVY...and it's a much longer more perfect wave....i know, i've surfed em' both....that's why i live on the Oregon coast now after over 20 years in Hawaii. Too bad Seaside isn't a 'secret' anymore....but it's hard to hide that kind of perfection. Take it from a guy who's surfed pipe and Seaside Point.....SEASIDE IS BETTER, sorry to rain on your parade guys, but Seaside is quite simply THE BEST wave i've ever surfed.....and they say it's 'crowded' when there are 20 guys out!!!! That's why people are talking about Seaside Point, simple as that.

By Anonymous , 18-06-2006

seaside point - I checked this site to read some smack about pipe, What's all this about Oregon?? No wave is as heavy as Pipeline. Guam has waves that are why shallower and more dangerous, but Oregon ?? Cold water lumpy wave BS

By antonal camargo , 11-06-2006

wankpak - you know what i reken the wolfpak are complete pussys.. they hang around it lyk the own the place.. fuck the wolfpak. its a free world u wankpak.. come to mexico and see how u go with your "rules".... 9 in the face fagot.. you wanna bring it on my names antonal camargo and i live in p e mexico..

By anonymous , 03-06-2006


By Christian , 29-05-2006

Seaside Point...... - Yeah, anyone who knows anything about surfing will tell you that Seaside Point in Oregon is bad ass...but since the water there is about the same temperature as Santa Cruz, island surfers say it's 'too cold'....etc, etc, etc....Pipe is a great wave too, but it is true that surfing pipe has become really lame because of the horrible crowd factor. The great thing about surfing Seaside Point is it's world class and there are 20 guys out on a 'crowded day.' Personally, I love the place

By avalon rules , 14-05-2006

evf - Im from Australia sydney i live in Avalon a really gud surfin town on the east coast. We got sweet waves and sum damn heavy ones. Im cummin to Hawaii next year and i hope too surf pipe on a small day co im onoly yong. But to all those guys that say pipe iz pussy screw your head on if it can kill Malik who iz a tank of a surfer the youre prob a pussy lid rider. The pipe crew have the right to be protective of there break so give em respect jus like ani were. Go Hawaii

By Justin Ginther , 12-05-2006

Gerry Lopez, huh? - Funny you would choose to use the name 'Gerry Lopez' as he actually lives in Oregon now and surfs Seaside Point there. Does that give you any indication of how perfect the place is...? SEASIDE POINT RULES!!!

By gerry lopez , 12-05-2006

Secret surf sessions - when the pipe is really on and you want to get away from the crowds go for a midnight session. i do it all the time.

By kook killer , 11-05-2006

hey anonymous - how gnarly is the takeoff at pipe? why dont you go there and see for yourself you kook. sounds to me that youve been surfing for 2 weeks, live deep in the valley, and ride a 10 ft BZ board. stay in the valley!!!what a dumb question.

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