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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Pipedreamer , 09-11-2006

Not overrated at all you kook - For one thing taking a Kayak out at Pipeline is a mistake! I think I saw you out there the other day and i don't know how you could have lived to even write your comments. You ate it BIG TIME!! Do yourself a favour and go back to your rivers and leave the Pipe for the mice.

By Testoss Man , 09-11-2006

This place is over rated! - This wave is for women and fags. I took my kayak out there and just kept getting tossed over the falls. Give me a Level 5 white water river and that is what seperates the men from the mice! Give me a real water fall not one of these fake temporary over the falls wussy stuff. If I want to break my back I'll do it in New Zealand or Canada!

By bhuddaman , 01-11-2006

try!! - Pipe and the kanaka's who surf it will smash YOU, fag

By mikell kessler , 28-09-2006

fags - i could smash all those neandathal pipe locals, im a boxer aswell so im cummin to pipe to cause some havoc and get sumthing back for winny,

By kook , 27-09-2006

frick!!!!! - Who found out about my secret spot....

By Anonymous , 08-09-2006

- winny got bashed for that drop in in that pic

By Greg , 12-08-2006

Enough is enough...I'm off to Seaside - I've lived on the North Shore for over 20 years now and I've watched my favorite break (pipe of course) steadily get more and more crowded. I can't even count the number of guys out on the good days now, or the number of drop-ins I have to deal with. I totally agree with the guy who posted about Seaside Point in Oregon. I was lucky (and smart enough) to take a surf trip over there last Fall and the place is epic!!! Now, I wouldn't compare it to pipe....we're talking a reverse J-bay here, but it gets heavy and the wave quality is second to none. We've put our house up for sale here and are actually moving over there as soon as we find a new pad over there. Most of you reading this will probably say 'good, the crowd's bad enough at pipe, go ahead and move.' But I don't care...I'll be the one laughing while I'm catching totally epic waves and getting shacked in Seaside with Gerry Lopez while the rest of you are waiting 2 hours to finally get a wave where somebody drops in on you at pipe. I'll always have fond memories of the North Shore, and pipe in particular, but we'll see who gets the last laugh.

By Papa Kai , 04-08-2006

Pipeline Rocks - I live on Maui and visited Pipeline for the first time the other day.

I was going to go out and surf but I watched some guy get totally rocked and then he came out and his leg was all bashed and bleeding.

I decided to go get drunk instead and found a more mellow surf spot the next day. Pipeline is sick though!

I was able to find some other good spots using Pipeline is crazy to watch though, just a perfect wave. I surf hookipa and it's a nice wave but don't get the consistent barrels like at pipeline.

You Oahu brahs are lucky to have that wave sitting in your front yard.

By ryan hardy , 01-08-2006

life risking - im a body boarder and i went for a board the other day and i saw the biggest surf i have ever seen in my life i paddled out and it was about 20 to 30 foot and i was paddling in to 1 of the smaller 1 and go hammered for the lip and i was under for about 10 sec it was so scerery im going out tomoz yeh go me !!!!!!!!!! bye the way im a pro so look out im sponsed by 4 play cya dudes

By Vincent , 05-07-2006

Seaside point - Yep, Gerry Lopez really does live in Oregon and surfs Seaside point now. Wow!!! If it's good enuff for Gerry Lopez i guess the place must be SICK!!! The pics of the place here sure do look good too. I'm with the guy who posted below......NEXT YEAR, I'M GOING!!! aloha

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