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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Hard Balls , 03-12-2001

Pipe - only worth 4 stars!?!?! - The Pipeline is perhaps THE premier wave in the WORLD and yet it has been rated here below the maximum mark!?!?! What's going on? Whammy gets 5 Stars and just a BIG drop...It takes higher degree of skill to negotiate a good swell at Pipe than any wannabe on a gun at Waimea...I wish more people would drop the act...don't underestimate just to try and look cool...

By , 17-11-2001

yo sponger 52 - pipeline was pioneered by haoles you moron!.....before morey every had a thought about inventing the board you choose to ride....guys from calif. were doing things at pipe
that you will probably never lighten up up dickhead.....and if you're really hawaiian (and i doubt it) some fricken' aloha's one of the things that make paradise special!.....and maybe even you will start feeling better about yourself!

By anonymous , 15-11-2001

yeah righ - huh suuurrrrre just 1 fin thats funny

By anonymous , 04-11-2001

it's ok - sufing pipe is easy stuff. beginners can do it, too. if you're from the US and from a land-locked state like idaho, then all you have to do is get a longboard (with only one fin) and just jump right into the lineup. like i said, it's easy and will just come naturally. there is no need for preparation or wave knowledge. just practice holding your breath in the bathtub.

By , 20-06-2001

needle dick sponger - yo spongie u asshole. cant believe your attitude man. u make me laugh. i cant believe a shark biscuit riding bitch like u has the nerve to show his face in public, never mind leave a message like that on the web. while im not going greenpeace on your ass, the water's not yours dickweed! how is it that people who can actually surf rarely moan on about people staying off their patch, its usually only kooky lid riding homos like u- who dont even stand up like a man, never mind act like one. (no offence to other bb-ders but this guys a twat). call yourself a local of hawaii and a surfer- dont know much about your culture do u? the duke would puke man- although you probably dont even know who he was, he welcomed people and could surf like a god. wheras you lie on your tummy like your mum getting ass fucked on a friday night and preach on about surfing. fuck you loser.

By Marty , 04-06-2001

"Tough Local" - Hey Sponger...your name says it all! Just another lid rider and ya probably moved to Hawaii a few weeks ago and reckon ya rule cause ya surfed 4 foot pipe. PISS OFF DICKHEAD....

By You'll know me...The O.P.T. , 28-04-2001

Bad Attitudes... - Mr Sponger_52....what a crap attitude to have....Sure, maybe a lot of people don't have the skills necessary to ride a wave like Pipe, but there's no need for the sort of vibe your comments are giving out...It's people with shit attitudes like yours who take away from the principal reason for surfing...FUN. Change that stinking, pretentious attitude...There should be no place for it in the beauty that is surfing.

By Sponger_52 , 26-04-2001

Stay Away! - To all the "I wish I could surf haoles", don't even think about going in the water. The locals will eat you up and if they don't, the reef will. So if you have never surfed at the north shore or let alone anywhere in Hawaii you belong on the beach. Or you will end up in the hospital. Have a great session!

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