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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Lance Trestles , 21-01-2002

Your still a fag, Juicy Fruit. - Oh it's on, Gay boy. Just so you know, I have surfed Pipe many times, and I have friends that would kick your punk ass all the way back to Goat Island. I love it, I am from Southern California, and when I go to Hawaii, I surf any spot I want with no hassles. I dont paddle out with a crew, just with one of my local friends. As much as you hate that, that's the way it goes. So next time I am out at Pipe, and I am always there in November and December, I will be sure do introduce myself to you. My fist and your teeth. There you have it!

By sponger , 19-01-2002

it sucks - Pipe sucks. It's way over rated. The wave is one of the best in the world for sure, but with the crowds, its not even worth it. To many surfers and bodyboarders all going for the same wave makes Pipe suck. I would rather surf the lesser known spots out here with waves of less quality and no one out than surf Pipe. If you come to Hawaii don't expect to get the best waves at pipe and plan on only getting about 3 waves in your 2 hour session.

By Juice Guy , 18-01-2002

I bet neither of you have ever surfed Pipe! - That's right cheezy balls, you're probably one of the batty boys who stand on the beach in their g-strings staring out at the line-up and dreaming that your nads were big enough to handle it. I wouldn't be suprised if you haven't even been to the islands. You're probably checking the internet from some scrubby flat on the East coast, telling yourself that "It gets good around hurricane time". Man, I've been to Hatteras and you can't even compare it to a crappy day down san diego way! Quit dreaming...if you've got the balls, I like to see how you get on at Pipe speaking shit about the bboarders. The true pipe locals (The Boy Gomes, Strider, McGee, etc.) would kick you shitty coast ass all the way back to Seb Inlet. Remember...all the ariel moves that have recently been attempted by stand-ups were pioneered by us spongers.
Fucking Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian still bboard, and a lot of bboarder's can do the stand-up thing...think about it, it's not really that hard. But given a choice we choose the prone way, as it's the only way. The greatest feeling is pulling deep into a barrel and on a bboard you can get WAY deeper. Bring it on!

By Deez Nuts , 18-01-2002

"Juice Guy is Gay" - What is "bboarding"? Are you trying to refer to body boarding? Ok. You still suck. And, Ryan Farty, who is that? Who is Cock Roach? You are right, I have never heard of the these Kooks. Maybe if you had half an education I might be able to figure out who you are talking about. Spongers are still Gay.

By Tedmalibu , 18-01-2002

Juice - If you have so much, then why dont you use some of that energy and stand up on a board.

By Juice Guy , 16-01-2002

Stand-up Kooks.... - It's funny that the people who CAN actually surf have respect for bodyboarders, whereas all the wannabes who CAN'T mock us! If you've ever seen any of us guys bboarding out at Pipe you'll realsie how talented we are...
Check out guys like Ryan Hardy or Hubb and I'm sure you'd change your tune. Hubb doing a 720 at BIG Pipr is one of the most radical things you'll see this side of Laird Hamilton. Also guys like Paul Roach or Kainoa McGee jack stanceing (DK) 3rd reef is a sight to believe, they have more control and feel of the ocean than any of you dicks will ever grasp.
Fuck off.

By Lance Trestles , 16-01-2002

Sponger is a Homo - Who wants to surf that over crowded, full of dick head locals on boogie boards who can't stand up cause they have no skill, wave anyway? I will stick with el porto here in the south bay. If I ever see you out here in the south bay sponger, I will kick your faggot ass!

By TedMalibu , 16-01-2002

spongerboy - Stick to "gliding" on your plasticsponge at Wind n' Sea your Kook. I bet your from Iowa!!!

By Kinamka , 29-12-2001

ANOTHER hoax! - This is yet ANOTHER 'spot' that some little kid has created! I live on Oahu and there is NO break called 'Pipeline' - what a shit name anyway...It's about time this website was policed a little better, and people stopped wasting time sending in made up spots...FAAARRRK!

By , 06-12-2001

To the dirty, smelly butt Sponger - You smelly ass sponger!!! Go wipe your butt with that sponge of yours!!!

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