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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Fairmont , 28-03-2002

I'm a Haole who knows - There is absolutely no way you could ever be prepared for the intense speed of Pipeline (or the whole dang North Shore for that matter) unless you surf Ocean Beach in San Francisco or somewhere intense like that. The wave does not give you even a second to think. It is very, very fast. It will easily take you a season to work up to real Pipeline. No way are you going to master it in a week, and probably not in one season. It is serious. Spend a few days next door at Ehukai Beach Park when the waves are head high or slightly bigger. Oh, and it's a lot more intense than it looks from the beach, and believe me: it looks intense from the beach. I went there for a week and thought I might catch it head high. Wrong! It was eight foot and so dang dangerous I thought I would croak, and rockpile is even worse. Man, that place is insane.
Plus, the North Shore is very inconsistent. There is no way to know day to day how the surf will be (mostly because the wind is too strong). Surf the South Shore in the summer for a much better Hawaiian experience, and then go to the North Shore that winter for a good ass kicking. I can't tell you how intense it is, and you will never, ever know until you paddle out and find out for yourself. Oh, and rent boards. It's cheap, and it's like having a 200 board quiver.

By Billy bong thorton , 26-03-2002

Juice guy didn't surf here - I no who he is and he's never been to the north shore. He isn't even a real surfer- just a gay sponger. Right on Lance

By Lance , 13-03-2002

Juicy liar - Dude you never surfed pipe, admit it. You think you did, while reading surfer magazine. It takes balls, BIG balls to surf da pipe, you have little mice balls, so dont lie!

By One Who's Tried , 11-03-2002

Balls to the wall.... - Pipeline...Beautiful, beastly, perfect. Expect the ride of your life - if you're lucky enough to get a wave!

By Juice Guy , 28-02-2002

Pumping... - Pipe is NOT the most perfect wave in the world. It is prone to close-outs depending on the swell direction. However, it is one of the greatest waves in the world. Pulling into a wave at Pipe is an incredible experience that you'll never forget. I surfed Pipe for the first time 5 years ago and I still remember my very first wave there. It was a small day, maybe 4ft on the sets, and the line-up was packed. I had been paddling around for about 45mins trying to secure a good position when This wave suddenly swung into where I was positioned. I dropped down the face, pulled up my rail and pig-dogged it through the tube. I cam flying out and as I turned back, stoked outta my mind, I saw Tom Carrol drop into the biggest wave of the day and get pitted, before being spat out like a olive pip! You gotta visit the North Shore!

By Ocean Beach Guy , 10-02-2002

Right On! - There is NO place like Pipe in all the world! I agree with the Kia dude, Pipe is obviously crowded and for good reason - It's the sickest wave on the planet!

By Kia Asamoah , 08-02-2002

Most Famous Wave In The World - Pipeline is THE place to be for any aspiring-pro surfer. It has an incredibly agressive atmosphere in the water, and I've seen numerous disputes both in the water and on the beach. Peak season for waves in the winter months from October through to Feb. Through these months the beach is also packed with photogs, wannabes, babes (though not enough of them!) and tourists. Accomodation is expensive and the crime is high in some parts. If it's flat there isn't much in the way of entertainment - catch a film, read a book or keep your lady happy. On the plus side it's warm all year round and the beaches are beautiful. The over-population of what is essentially a small island IS a MAjor problem though. It's not so much Paradise Lost as Paradise Losing. If your looking for the Aloha spirit, it's still present, but you'll find a warmer welcome in French Polynesia. I visited Tahiti for a month in the summer and scored perfect, uncrowded waves with some of the friendliest people you're ever likely to meet. Despite what the surf mags might present, Teahupoo isn't the only wave of quality. The whole island is littered with perfect passes that have many un-told beauties. It's expensive to get there, but once you're there you'll never want to leave!Aloha!

By rodney , 29-01-2002

WOW - hey guys.....where is all the love?.......can't we all just get along?

By Butt Munch , 29-01-2002

Homophobia... - I'm a suuuuper gay surfer! I love surfing! It's soooooo suuuuper! What I love about Oahu is going to Food Land and checking out all the buff surfers at the frozen food section! It makes their nipples hard! It's suuuuper! Lance Trestles my man lover when I'm visitng the North Shore! I love it up the Pipeline! Whooooops! I mean I love surfing Pipeline! It's suuuuuuper! YAY! YAY! YAY!

By Juice Guy - "I've got Da Fruit" , 28-01-2002

'Lance'?!!?!?!?! - Hey man, are you one of those guys that dress up as a fireman and go to 'special' clubs with your bum buddies? I think so...
You certainly don't sound as if you've ever surfed Pipe..."I just paddle out brah'"...not likely mate. If I heard some kook like you spurting out shit about BB's in da water, you'd become a welcome part of the reef for those days when the sand hasn't filled the caverns.

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