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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 24-09-2002

fouck - why do you think there is no one out there. because of the current and because of the huge and powerfull waves. but i think that this id the best waves seen ever

By wishing to be sponsored by BZ , 16-09-2002

Boggie Board (Read below one FIRST) - By the ways I'm best going right than left. Does it only break left...... Cuz if so I have to get practicin' lol

By wishing to be sponsored by BZ , 16-09-2002

Boggie Board - Hey guys my names James. I boogie board yea ya talk all you want but I'm pretty damn good not to brag and all cuz I'm going to need all the confidence I could possible have now till April. I pray its descent or fairly big, well bigger than southern california. I mean I hope the swells are going to 100x better and speed 100x better and everything 100x better! Well I'm planning on going their on April sorry if I'm being repetitive but still excited. Practicing with my surf team in my school. ;). Well respond back guys and tell me how its like during that time of the year and how I should ride it, how cold the water would be, what to beware of, how big etc. Just tell me as much information as possible. I would really much appretiate it guys. THANKS!! AND SURFS UP!!!

By anonymous , 11-09-2002

The Watcher - If you go out, good luck!

By Sebastian local , 07-09-2002

overrated - pipe is overrated. It doesn't have an epic barrel. Sebastian inlet barrels better. And Sebastian has produced the most pros of anywhere. Grow some balls and surf that wave instead of this pussy excuse for a wave.

By anonymous , 27-07-2002

kelli slater - its a bit tame for me after nevada.the swell there is unbelivable!

By anonymous , 15-06-2002

Oh, yeah? - Surfed it last week on a pop-out. Slackest piece of shit ever!!! And Dane Kealoha's a fucking faggot, too.

By Just call me Fairmont , 14-06-2002

The speed is insane - Your first wave is going to pass you by like Michael Johnson on the fifty yard dash. You will lose buttloads of confidence and wonder how people can surf it. It's all in the paddling and the bottom turn. That simple. If you can get in a little early, you will be okay, but ONLY if your bottom turn generates speed. If you expect to bottom turn and stall under the lip, you are screwed. Don't try to take off deep. Stay ahead of it, and sooner or later you will get that tube. Bring a big, bigger than that. Take a board that is wide as well, as it will help you get in earlier. Narrow is not all it's crapped up to be, and narrow boards lose speed easily. You want wide, my friend, so you can get in early. Oh, and if you aren't an outstanding swimmer, forget it. People on the beach aren't wannabes. They just don't have the skill to ride Pipeline. As heavy as the wave seems is nothing compared to reality. I paddled out and was terrified. Caught three overhead waves, none of them worth a dang, but now I can say I did it. For some reason, the two lifeguard towers are not that close to Pipe. One of them is down at Rockpiles (Don't do it), and the other is at the north end of the beach park fifty meters up the beach from Pipe.

By anonymous , 14-06-2002

no title - as i read these`s like..why you all making such a fuzz about pipeline...shut up and surf if you think you are up to the task...i surf in norway and it is not that lousy waves ..but not like north shore do get big wintertime...but there is hardly any unwindy days or actual enjoy the surf and dont be a bunch of asses..beating a kid shitless for a drop in is just plain lameness..share the waves and shut up..i`ll make move at pipeline when i am ready...maybe ..

By anonymous , 04-04-2002

look further..... - forget about Inside Pipe, on a BIG swell straight from the Aleutians, stand in awe and check out Outside Pipeline - now that's a wave! Old King Noll was one of the pioneers of Outside Pipeline...a place a few core surfers call REAL Pipe!

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