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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 25-01-2003

pipe - i went out jan 22, it was cross shore and big, only got one wave.....but it was so fucking awesome

By anonymous , 05-01-2003

no surf pipe for me:( - i live in western australia and ive seen soooo many pics of pipe and it pisses me off cozmit is so perfect and heave,the best wave i would of surfed is a break called 'the box' and it sortof resembles shark island in sydney,i wanna surf pipe and get a nice second reefer now,if pipe was in australia it would be betta coz i would be a local:)

By anonymous , 02-01-2003

dude - my god those smack you into the reef at high tide

By Goldie Booger , 12-12-2002

wateva - yo dante as if ill beleive that u went out in 10ft pipe wen ur 12 and billabong just happened to be watchin man youve been readin to many riptide mags.

By evsy , 24-11-2002

kool - definatly 5 star

By kaleo , 18-11-2002

Pipe - Pipe is the best. The crowds suck but you gotta deal with it. You get the waves of you life out there. Best when it breaks from the reef peak and hits a sand bar. Real good fun!

By , 10-11-2002

pipe - Iam 12 years old and I paddled out one day at way overhead pipe, some companies offered me a sponsorship deal, but I refused because I like to surf for the joy and excitement of a huge massive wall of moving water crashing behind me or getting sucked into a deep barrel and not come out for a few minutes, thats the real joy of surfing. Not selling out to some blowout companies.

By Mega Man , 07-11-2002

full of wannabes... - no-one goes to the islands to surf anymore...they just go there to pose infront of the cameras and try and earn a sponsorship. that's not what surfings about. I feel for the locals who have to put up with so many kooks, pros, wannabes in the water. Some of them can't even live on the island of their birth cos all the land is owned by corporate fat cats who want to retreat somewhere for a week or 2 each year! It's fucking disgraceful. Haiwaii still has some aloha left, but it's a shame it's been decimated by the greedy fuckers who work on the main land.

By Pipe is still the sickest. , 07-11-2002

To Sebastian Local - Sebastian Inlet heavier than pipe? HMMMMM... Florida vs Hawaii...hmmmmmmm.
I think I'll take pipe any day, sebastian inlet...hahahahahathat wave is for beginners...if you want to proove yourself, surf da pipe, you will die!!!

By Smurf , 07-11-2002

No worries... - Hey man, don’t worry… just come over and get in the water. Don’t worry if you are a bodyboarder… the guys love bodyboarders here at pipe. I once saw one dude drop right on the top of a bodyboarder and ride him into the barrel, amazing demonstration of teamwork. Just come on, everybody is really friendly and love tourists! Look for the dudes that live down the road, they may be ugly, but they are really friendly and will love to take you out … for a surf session. Just paddle and go for it! Try some 360s on the lip! The wave is not as hollow as they say, people do exaggerate a lot. And if you wipe out, it’s ok! Hardly you will touch the coral. Be exited brother! You will probably have an experience that you will never forget! SURF’S UP!!!!!

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