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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By WALLY THERMIDOR , 15-03-2003

maybe you can surf pipeline....... - .......... BUT!!!!!! Can, any, one, of you so called "Locals" read or write? go to school, read an book., Write your fucking "MOM". On actual stationary................... Or at least get spell check. always WALLY

By chris reno , 09-03-2003

pat reno= NO KOOK! - i have seen and have talked to pat reno before at pipe and i can asure you that he is no kook. I have surfed with him before at pipe and hes exactly right, all you pussys cannot just go to pipe because you think you can handle it. If anyone talks shit on pat reno again be ready to get the living shit beat out of you

By anonymous , 06-03-2003


By anonymous , 01-03-2003

My God!!!!!!! - I could never surf pipe. How is it done. Long Island on rare big days is intense but pipe, holy crap. I always wanted to go just to see it, but wow that wave is crazy

By anonymous , 21-02-2003

bali joe from yur bitch - NOW let me tell u about a real surfer by the name of bali joe.This guy gets the biggest tubes out at pipe line and he can do the joe roll that is a bad ass air.Now if u have not seen the joe roll u do not know what u are missing out on it is so cool he gets like 10 feet in the air then dose a elrollo in the air.Thats why bali joe is the best surfer on the north shore if u have not seen him get to hawaii and check it out.......OUT

By anonymous , 21-02-2003

hey john john - john john is a over rated think about all the outher groms like mason ho,t-grom,granger larson, john john gets way to much exposher and dose not deserve all that exposher ther are lot better kids out ther, hey every one look for the kids that rip not 10 year olds that do half turns. well cya

By , 20-02-2003

honky humpers..... - you guys talk about rippen da pipe and surf there your whole life.... you probably some stink bug flappy clown who surfs there when its 3 feet. you make me want to puke up haoles. mainland haoles JOJ kooks surf bettah than you. go back to town moke kooks.

By Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i , 11-02-2003

Pat Reno = KOOK! - As a native and a islander i know a kook when i see one brah Hally what da hell? It's Haole and you happen to be one so carry your little honky ass back to da mainland Hui 'O He'e Nalu.

By anonymous , 11-02-2003

What! - Pat, whats a hally?

By anonymous , 11-02-2003

pat reno - i have been surfing the pipe all my life and i want to keep it that way. all the hallys need to go home. the crowd is horrible. if you dont no what your doing out there the get the hell out of that there. its one of the greatest waves in the world. but just beacause its so great doesnt mean you can just go out and surf it so stay the hell home all you pusies

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