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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By seamonster , 28-03-2007

- DANGER!!!perfect left breakers.Worth all the hype.No fun and games at the pipe.Be prepared to bring your all.

By english mike , 10-03-2007

- hi. me and my friends are planning a surf boarding trip. this wave looks fun :) are the beaches safe here? are there lifeguards? can i go snorkelling here?

thanks guys. :-)

By Anonymous , 09-03-2007

more injuries to come - Broken bones and broken teeth, pipeline ground you in da reef, wear a helmet if you go, wave give you one blow! In da barrel you will ride, spit you out odder side! Chee Pono!!! Shoots, and be careful wave will pysc you out maybe more bedda watch!! Cheee hee! Go Velzy less agro!

By Jardineiro do Kintal A.G. , 29-01-2007

Biggest hazzard of pipeline - If you go to hawaii, remember this no matter what. do not stop and steering to sunny garcias´s lady. Oderwise prepare yourself to start looking for your teethon the sand. But not all could be bad.When you arrive at home You could allways say to your friends...hheeyyy i didn t surf pipe but at least i got punched by sunny. Suicida rules.

By whiteboy american, kaneohe , 20-01-2007

expect respect? - don't go to pipe expecting respect if you're already mouthing off about beating down the locals. this is their wave. im from the mainland and im not crazy enough to ride this monster, but i respect the locals more than talking shit about coming into their beach and expecting respect. you earn respect! dumbasses like yourself that come here with your "mates" acting like the cats ass will get WORKED on pipe. drop in on the locals and you'll be going back to australia with missing teeth. aloha

By natho , 10-12-2006

pipeline - me and ma dad wne there 2 days.......... bout 6 to 8 but droped of on tha last day epic scary take off best wave i have ever surfed... go to waimea an point panic to.... and sandy beach to c some wicked wipe outs

By Anonymous , 05-12-2006

- Ive been planning a surf trip over here for over a year and finally within the next month me and about ten mates will be coming down. Now where pretty tough as far as surf gangs go and we expect respect. If anyone drops in on any of us we'll beat them up and we dont expect any mouthing off if we drop in on them which we'll be doin a lot

By MAn Bear Pig , 21-11-2006

- is it true that there is a sewage pipe that run under water at the break isnt that why its called pipline im just a curious monkey

By Sven , 20-11-2006

local advice please - Hi this looks like a nice wave. what will it be like in december? is there any where for me and my friends to stay near by? thank you

By Anonymous , 14-11-2006

english - People from the Hawaii Dont speak english brahhh

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