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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Arthur Ramsbottom , 24-04-2003

Blue crush - I just saw Blue Crush and would just like to know if it is a true story. I'm from Birmingham in England and would like to come to learn to surf at Pipeline. We dont have any surf but me and my mate Barry go down the canal fishing sometimes. Does the blond girl in the movie surf there every day ? I would really like to meet her and get her to teach me. Is she still with the football bloke?
I've got ginger hair and glasses so I should be instantly recognisable. I'm 43 years old. See you in the waves dudes.
I will be there in summer time. Is that the best time

By , 21-04-2003

loads of respect - o surfers are incredible i have not had the pleaser of going to hawaii because i live in england but i have seen pictures and films like blue -crush which was amazing and i dont care what people say about the locals you guys have guts
tom russell 16

By anonymous , 14-04-2003

More bait for the critics - In this day where common courtesy, etiquette and apparently, vocabulary among surfers has all but gone out the window, I'm commenting for those who simply wish to gain some useful information on surfing this break. Anyone who's ever picked up a surf mag or video will have learned that Pipeline is fast, hollow, and dangerous when it's breaking overhead. So for the out-of-towners who often show up for a brief, vacation window of opportunity and find that it's too big for their experience level, try surfing Sand Bars just a few yards to the right of Pipeline which is a less treacherous, sand bottom break. If you do opt for surfing the Pipe that day, big or small, use common sense and have respect for others. You'll find that the locals (those who matter) will respond in kind. One of my best experiences with locals has been during a session at Pipeline. The ones who don't matter, are the same kind of arrogant, dope heads you find at your home break who think they're more deserving of those waves than you. Keep your spirits high and ignore them. Assuming you've surfed before, Pipeline is like any other quality location you've been to but with much, much better waves.

By anonymous , 12-04-2003

so cal pride - that last pic is nice.yea california surfers ca beat hawaiian surfers at anything.tricks,size, cal pride going to hawaii this summer,i will show you what surfings all about!

By Gina Mclain , 07-04-2003

White Guys - White guys cocks are waaay bigger than brown guys. Trust me, ive dated both.

By anonymous , 06-04-2003

PIPE is over rated - pipline is so over ratted, i didnt make it our of about 5 barrels out of ten because it was closing out. dissapointing

By , 30-03-2003

hey guys - Im a 15 yr old bodyboard from the gold coast, australia and Im going over to pipe at the end of the year. I was just wondering if anyone could email me the average size in early december, and also the depths on high a low tide thanks a lot if you send it

By anonymous , 22-03-2003

no title - what sort of bloke takes a bog in the lineup in front of anyone. you freak

By ~silver , 19-03-2003

~DAMN IT~ - I was @ pipeline on 3/15 and it was suckin. I was soooo bummed. Not that I would have gotten in the water with a firing barrel on Nshore, but it would have been killer to see it going on. It was just confused and inconsistent. I know it goes off there.. I just wish I could have seen it with my two big round eyes..... beautiful area though. come on everyone... lighten up on each other.... its surfing, its suppose to be fun....... =)

By anonymous , 16-03-2003

weird - i surfed pipe on mon.
i really had to go, so i took a dump out in the lineup.
people were pissed and told me to go in. but fuck 'em!!!!!!!
nobody did shit! i thought the locals were supposed to be tuff?

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