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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 03-06-2003

NJgrom - i dont like bodyboarders to much but this guy is right.. all of u bodyboarders should know ur place and give us respect and stop shit talking if u know whats good for u...u guys are pussys u ride waves on ur stomach and we stand up.

By Roach , 03-06-2003

Interestin - oy, im not that good of a bodyboarder, but to all yous who are sayin pipe is gay, WAKE UP TO YOURSELVES!!!!! i mean come on, yous know it is open to the most powerful swells, yous know it is shallow and sharp. Yeh it's crowded, but if you wait your turn your sure to get a good barrell eh? anyone who calls it pussy yeh well Joel Taylor broke his back at SIX FOOT pipe, i doubt anywhere else could have that much intensity. and yay if you think yourt breaks are better, maybe they are, but shutup untiol you witness pipe for yourselves. I've never seen it except for pics and vids but all it makes me wanna doo is grab a video camera and sit on the beach on a big day......

and to the whole bodyboarderrs/surfers situation, to all the bodyboarders yous have to give props to the surfers for takin on such a hollow wave, and to all the surfers, just remember that the man Mike Stewart literally OWNS pipe, deeper than anyone, all the time. still props to all siiick surfing website

By , 02-06-2003

iam with you - Rule britania, britania rule the waves Britans never never never shal be saved

By Chris , 31-05-2003

Awesome !! - I'm from England and I went over to Oahu for two weeks and surfed Pipe at headhigh for a day and scored two epic sick waves ! There was a lot of waiting but it's definetly worth it ! Besides you can watch people get tubed out there face and rip it up while you wait. I watched Hubb for about two hours straight and he rips ! It's really rewarding as long as you RESPECT THE LOCALS !

By , 31-05-2003

very true - Mike D is right everyone know pipe is one of the best surf spots in the world so just live with just because your waves r crap. in England are waves are always crap buti come over to pipe and show some respect and they will let you have a few waves right Mike D

By Mike D. , 28-05-2003

Show Respect - Pipeline is a monster wave when it's going off during the winter. I don't know why people have been saying that it's a spaz wave. Even when it's small and can create nice waves that you'd never see anywhere else. And to the one who said Pipe is must've been watching it from the shore cuz I gaurantee you this is one of the fastest and most powerful waves I've ever ridden. If it was deep then it wouldn't be as dangerous but it's not. It shallow as hell and the reef is fricken sharp. I have been introduced to it numerous times. I hear alot of guys talking shit about us locals. I can understand that some of us do the stuff you guys say. But the other half don't. We are more then happy to share the waves with you guys. I know that I'd like to be treated with respect at another beach break. It's like I said man. We treat you the way you treat us.

By puget sound sucks , 26-05-2003

Re: Blue Crush - to the dude from england - blue crush isnt a true story, but i think itd be tite, being a girl and all... but the lead chick in the movie doesent surf all the time, she had to learn to surf for the movie. The actual people surfing as her doubles were Rochelle Ballard, and Noah Johnson surfed the winning pipe shot you saw in the movie cuz Rochelle got hurt. The only real surfer I recognized in the main cast was Sanoe Lake.

By , 21-05-2003

should i or shouldnt i - thinking of going to hawaii this winter. The question is, can one go there and catch some waves or is it a complete mad house not worthy of the time and expense.

By Eat Shit and Die! , 14-05-2003

fuck you kook - we show respect for u and ur other local friends and what we get back is u calling us gay.. dude fuck you u god damn kook. kiss our asses. u dont have to go on and give everyone u see shit when they talk about pipe. ur pry on of those wannabe locals that follow around the real ones trying to be cooln and tough... well fuck you then..we know that you guys hate ppl going to hawaii and surfing at pipe and droping in on u but not everyone is a fucking kook like u say they are. Most of the people that come from the Mainland and the Eastand West coast could rip half you guys up. We have to surf as much as possible when we get waves where as you people can surf everyday and not think of it. all u pry can do is get a barrel and a nice cut back. ide like to see u do a grab air or a 360 air and make it. we are used to every condition...we surf from knee high on up to about 10-12ft. at the biggest. Just chill with your localism.... wait until someone drops in on you,etc. to fucking call them a kook or whatever else. If any of you guys come to Jersey...we will be sure to show you the same "respect" you showed us. get a life man.

By NJ groms , 13-05-2003

NJ groms - We are from New Jersey and the most powerful wave we get a small day at pipe. I have been reading and all i see is people talking shit on pipe, how many of you have even surfed pipe? So i would advise people to stop talking shit, the locals are crazy there. I wanna see you guys go surf it big and see how u make out. I guarentee u would die. With some practice...we could def. surf it way better than you shit talking kooks. Learn some respect for locals and the area.

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