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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 09-07-2003

Riiiiiight - And it's people like you, who's ass I'll beat later on. I never said that "all I wanted to do is learn from Pipe masters..." because there are better surfers elsewhere, so screw off prick.

By Mandalay , 09-07-2003

Invictus VS Jed - Invictus....drum roll....."you are the first winner of the dumb fuck award for responding to a Jed Bush posting." You surely are the most humourless, conservative boring fuck in any line up. "All I want to do is learn from Pipe masters...wah wah wah blah blah blah." Go play tennis ya prick!

By Invictus , 09-07-2003

Reply to Jeb Bush - First off, who the hell cares about your wife winning on "The Price Is Right" game show (completely irrelevant to any of your lame stories). Second, show the locals some damned respect. I'm not a local for sure, but you won't catch me disrespecting them for any reason. The locals know their stuff, and should be given props for their kick ass skills in the water. I can only hope that when I get back to Hawaii later this summer, that I can learn from them what can't be learned on all mainland crap waves. You are an arrogant ass that deserves to get your ass beat next time you fly out there. You are the reason that locals don't want us around. Learn to respect other people, and change your attitude. When I'm there, I don't want to be around you. It's ignorant people like you that cause grief for everyone else.

For everyone else, thanks for the fun times, and have fun at the best wave in the world--Pipe.


By God , 07-07-2003

The answer to what you would like to know - Well I guess I was thinking that this was pretty much it.
Anything to add Pott, Occy, Slater?

By anonymous , 07-07-2003

no title - What the hell does this last message mean? Anyone?

By anonymous , 06-07-2003

Thats what I want - I want to know what you were thinking when you got bored with surfing.......Slater Occy Curren Potts GoD.

By John Stanfa , 04-07-2003

no title - Speaking of New Jersey, I started a program at my church to get inner city kids to the beach and have them learn how to surf. Every weekend I take children from Philadelphia and Camden,NJ to the Jersey shore. There we have a great time enjoying the surf. Everything has been going well except for last year when Tyreese stabbed Juanika for dropping in on him. These niggas are really getting into the lifestyle. I am currently raising money for a trip to Hawaii this coming winter. Everyone's parole and probation officers have ok'ed the trip so it's just a matter of raising the money. These kids come from extremely rough backgrounds. Most of their fathers are in jail for life(murder) and the mothers are non-existent or messed up on crack and heroin. It has been Donnel's dream to surf pipeline so hopefully we will make it out there. God Bless you

By Christie Todd Whitman , 04-07-2003

no title - Green Stinch? I know I'm not as inteligent as Hawaiins but what the fuck is that suppossed to mean. Most people in New Jersey could care less about Hawaii. It is full of uneducated fools, there's no good jobs, and everyone is poor. Jersey doesn't have waves like Hawaii but then again we don't have the whole surf world clogging up our spots every winter. When it's good you can find plenty of peaks all to yourself. You never have to surf around anyone if you don't want to. How can you have a good session when there is a hundred people floundering around in the lineup. Why don't you name all of your little known spots that way they can become as crowded as all the other ones. Better yet, why don't you post directions to one of the best lefts in the world.Fuck you pop pop pop pop

By anonymous , 04-07-2003

If you're a real surfer.. - You sure gotta get outta fuckin Green stinch Jersey.If you had any clue ,The world is alot bigger than jersey.Hawaii could care less about jersey,The further the better. And by the way Family Housing is one of the best lefts in the world. Do you're homework and find where its at. Get a Life, Kook.

By Christy Todd Whitman , 03-07-2003

no title - That was the lamest response to a message I have ever seen on this site. Mr. merlino put on pink zinc oxide and should paddle out at family housing? What kind of a response is that? That fucking sucks. Probably some witless stupid Hawaiin put that on. You definately don't know anything about Atlantic City,NJ - it's definately not for pinkos. People actually get shot around there not like the sissy North Shore where 250 pound men hit little girls

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