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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 25-07-2003

Blue Crush... - Anyone seen that chick surf film? I thought it'd be a load of shite, but it's actually ok. The surfing action at Pipe is pretty awesome and I think the film was madde by a surfer...No 'Point Break' style wave hoping..."oh he's going left on a little beachie...Oh he's going right on a 2xoverhead sucky wave...oh now he's making it through a fat, chubby wave..."
Watching any wave is an incredible've gotta be damn good to surf here, but go and watch's amazing...

By anonymous , 25-07-2003

Soul rider - Yeah pipeline is sick, powerful, fast.
But, the heaviest wave in the world is teahupoo. There is no wave heavier than this one, so its very scary, but its a god's gift, its beautiful, and its a spiritual wave. You have to come and ride it at least one time in ur life. Personnaly, I live in papeete, and I surf this wave as often as i can, and you gotta feel this wave, if you are in good connection with, no worries, you can ride it without any problems, you just have to be in contact with it, and its the same with pipeline or any other big wave. Ride with soul brothers.

By bastards , 24-07-2003

you killed my friend - when you wipe out your dick feals like sponge.
shitest place in the world, it says it gets up to 16 ft and over bollocks they have to say that it can reach up to 45ft, my friend died because they lied about the size.
and the still haven't done any thing about it after we took them to court. bastards

By Reef Plaster , 23-07-2003

Going straight is exciting - Drop in and go straight. It's much more thrilling than trying to ride in the barrel. I like the way the tail of me board snaps off as the lip drops onto it. I always smile with delight as the lip than rebounds off the reef, picks me up and throws me ten feet in the air before giving me a body slam onto the reef. It feels good.

By anonymous , 20-07-2003

norway - i have done some thinking. if i had so surf either teahupoo or pipeline at head high, i`D gone for the pipe.
pipeline is sick, but i reckon i would go for it. better chance of survival. but i live in norway and dont have to worry.

By anonymous , 17-07-2003

dc96819 - Pipeline is the haredst place to surf.It is fast and when its big its scary.

By Jeb Bush , 12-07-2003

no title - Yeah those democretic liberals are morons. They probably would have laid down and let Saddam stay in power. Don't worry W is planting WMD's over there so one day we will show the world - look we found them and evryone will love us. I never thought Iraq to be a threat to the U.S. but the people who control my brother wanted the public to think that way. With the "dumbing down of America" in full effect it is easy to fool you dumb bitches about anything. If you knew the real reason were over there it would blow your minds. I wish I could tell you but I'd get in trouble. Let's just say it doesn't have all to do with oil. Yeah now we've created another Bin Laden in the forms of Saddam. Plenty of money , no country to harass, and a burning desire to destroy America. Oppps, if he was a threat to the U.S. then I guess it would be ten fold now. My brother was in Africa last week and I enjoyed laughing while he attempts to "articulate". I like to count the UMMMS & UHHHS when he speaks - even when he's reading a prepared speech. What a dope. Man I should have been president. Oh by the way Mr Gore Social Security Cards are free to everyone not just brown skins. Plus you also said that they have jobs at Holiday Inn's. It would have been better if you made a crack about them being on welfare and brown ladies having additional kids for bigger welfare checks. They don't have jobs and who cares if they have a social scurity number. Social scurity benefits will all be used up in the near future anyway. That means you probably won't get any either because your pretty young and hip. I thought you shaved that beard off and dropped those extra pounds when you were considering running for pres again. I don't know. Say hi to Tipper. Are your daughters on drugs like mine? Mine loves rocks the crazy bitch even smuggles them into rehab. It is good to have power. Noel tried to get xanax by writing a phony perscription and even in Fl where drug laws are insanely strict only got rehab. yeah

By Al Gore , 12-07-2003

I know that Jeb Bush guy... - Listen up Butter Cups. Ive spent the last 2 years doing 2 things. Growing a Phat Ass Beard, and checking out local breaks world wide. Ive given up the dream of becoming President Of The United States. George W. fucked me in the Goat Ass on that one. Does anyone know where "Chad's" been hanging around at? Shit, im just down with surfing these days. I found myself down in the Caribbean after I got my Ass beat in the electon. I was hit up by a Buff Niger named Abawaba, oops! Did I say that!? I mean African American. Anyways, turns out this Niger was a surfing instructor. Well, $7000 and a trip to my daughters cabana later, I was shralping it up. While this Big Nig was pumping the women in my family full of white spack up at the Cabana, I was carving bottom turns out like flea on cheese. I really found my nitch! The Democratic Party gave their blessing on my new venture. Weve always encouraged people to explore new territories within themselves. Thats why you'll find that most of those into sticking obscure objects up their ass are in general Democrats. Ive moved Abawaba and his whole family to the States. You know, me being a Liberal and all its my job to bring every stinking brown skin up for a free Social Security card and a job at the Holiday Inn Express. As for the War in Iraq. I would have done things a little differently. I probably would have just rolled over instead of fight. I think its important for us to know and understand the Arabs that want to slice our necks in two. I feel we can come together with these shit skins and live in peace. Maybe if we adopt their bitches wear masks policy, they might be a little more receptive. Its all about tolerence you know. Tolerate everything, hug trees, and roll over like a bad car salesman. Thats how you get respect. Anyways, im out. Abawaba needs his sheets changed. More later.

By anonymous , 10-07-2003

no title - Ya....Summer swell on the north shore is the best. I'll have to go try it out. Bet the waves are hollow as hell.

By Jeb Bush , 09-07-2003

no title - Dear Invictus. First of all your not going to beat anyone's ass. It's against the law for one thing. You'd better not try to beat my ass especially if I'm with my brother.Those secret service boys can be a bitch and I always have some type of security around me. I'm totally bummed right now because I have to go back to Tallahassee. I'm suppossed to be there all the time but I secretly stay in Orlando so I can be by my beloved home break - The Typhoon Lagoon. I haven't been surfing long but I'm getting real good. My brother's in Africa right now and I'm wondering if there any good wave pools over there. He pissed because he can't go to Camp David or back to the ranch in Crawford, Texas for a whole week. I don't think he's been away from home for this long in awhile. You better watch out when I become president. Have any of you seen my daughter she ran away from rehab. I hope she not on the pipe again. Hey pipe I made a funny. My brother is known for the "quick" humor in the family, but I guess that's not saying much. Oh Invictus have fun in Hawaii this later this summer> I hope the funnest wave in the world Pipe is firing in the summer. Pipe goes off in the summer. You should try ALA MO in the winter.Just keep kissing Hawaiin ass tough guy and maybe they'll come to accept and love you. You fucking Haole hawaain want-to-be. Remember vote for W in the upcoming election and for me in a future one. Thanks Y'all!

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