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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Surfer Gal , 11-08-2003

you don't know shit da hui - I don't want to be a piece of ass lying on the beach man i wanna be carvin and ripping in the water and i am not a bitch i just think it's a stupid question to ask! (P.S. what is up with the whole WORD thing i mean no mature person would say that!) Surfer Gal

By Jeb Bush , 11-08-2003

Noelle's on the loose - Hey dudes where's it at? They let my daughter out of rehab the other day. She is quite excited. I asked her when she'll be starting up her bad habits. She says she's done. Over it. Yeah and my brother's a Rhode scholar. She's got this great idea of starting a new magazine. She says it's going to be just like High Times except it will be about rocks. Can you imagine? That girl is messed up. That's what I get for creating "little brown ones" as my father calls them. Maybe he was right. To the guy who wants to know where to paddle out and sit etc. Just go to the beach and paddle out from the big palm tree 15 yards from the most northern house. Then sit in the line-up at approximately 80 yards from the other big palm tree. If you ever come to the Typhoon Lagoon line yourself up at about two yards east of the lifegaurd stand. I like to paddle out in the right corner of the pool. I pretend there is a rip to pull me out. Then again it's just a pool so you can jump right into the line-up, I like to keep it real so I paddle out. Could people stop writing boring messages on this site. Gee the waves are big and powerful here - No shit. Where do you paddle out at - Are you going to learn the ins and outs of a spot on a computer? Gee if I was going to ride a 6 foot wave I'd ride it here- That's fucking great thanks for telling everybody that. You people are so boring. Nor cal surf girl, try to watch the horrible grammar and run - on sentences. Go watch Surf Girls.

By Da Hui , 11-08-2003

kiwi... - know surfer I know of would be asking the stupid questions you are asking...'where do I paddle out from?', 'where do i sit?'...any surfer worth a grain of sea salt would know the answers to those questions b4 they would ask...any it Pipe, Mavericks, Mundaka or your local beachie answer those questions when you get there and watch...saying 'I just wanna surf 6ft-8ft pipe' sounds so stupid...get there, check it out, if you think you can handle it get in there, if you don't...just watch for a while...I seriously doubt that you are surfer and if you are, you lack so much blatent knowledege about surfing that you defo aren't ready for pipe...go back to watching blue crush

By Kiwi , 11-08-2003

Cool. - Should I watch other people and stuff - where they paddle out from etc...

Whats the take off like?

By anonymous , 10-08-2003

Kiwi - The best advise I could give you is to observe it for a while.

By Kiwi , 10-08-2003

Eh ? Tips ? - That wasn't much help...
I asked for tips guys - where to sit, where to paddle out from, does it break when its smaller - i'm not a big wave surfer I just wanna know some tips to surfing pipe when its around 6 to 8 foot...

As for maverics - fuck that!

By da hui , 09-08-2003

gilrs don't surf... - surfer gal!?!?!? Bikini Babe is better...better if your girly is a babe on the beach, than a bitch in the water. word.

By bertrand_from_norcal , 09-08-2003

forget it, for now - Kiwi, I've travelled around the world surfing large and hollow waves and never backed down from anything. but the first time I saw pipe, I laughed and said FORGET IT. anything else on north shore, but not pipeline. when you see it, you'll understand.

By Surf Gal , 09-08-2003

Nor Cal Surfer Gal - Ok first of all if you're not used to over 8ft Kiwi what the hell makes you think you can surf PIPE!!!!!!!!!! I know i can't and i'm able to admit it! Besides i think Mavericks is way more epic i mean all these elements go into Mavericks that would scare anyone shitless!!!!!!!!!!!! Sharks size of the wave weather color of the water so many things Mavericks isn't a big wave surfers playground like Pipeline Mavericks is the jungle man it's hard to make it out there check out Mav's you'll be stunned Chill peace Surfgal

By Kiwi , 06-08-2003

Tips??? - Can anyone give me any tips for surfing pipeline for my 1st time??? I'm not really experienced in over 8 foot and I have no idea about the wave - apart from it looks gnarly as fuck!

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