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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 26-08-2003

To get to higher level - You have to let go.Just let it go.(Harder said then done).Are you impressing God or men!

By anonymous , 26-08-2003

If you do not. - Realize, GOD is living on this earth at this present moment.You are unbelieving. 2. You think a world title proves anything.and 3 the defining moment, You think !

By Super Poop , 17-08-2003

Great Story! - The way you painted the picture of all those spongers taking off on the same wave; that was just classic. I mean, there should be a movie about that. Right? Then there was the part about them organizing the whole thing, that was funny too. Man, you know what? You should get together with the producers of Blue Crush. You guys could make a movie about 50 African-American body-boarding kids who teach a girl from Arizona and her gay dog how to make people laugh at Pipeline by taking off all at the same time on the same wave. That would be great!

By C. Dizzle. , 17-08-2003

Bodyboarding....On The Whole - Spongers are cool with me as long as they show some respect, and don't drop in. Not that hard is it? You guys have to admit, you do look kinda ridiculous doing it don't you think? You know what would be super funny? If all bodyboarders in the lineup had to catch the same wave at the same time. They would all get one wave per 15 minutes that they would have to organize to catch. At pipe, this would be the funniest thing ever! (All the spongers catching the wave, not them organizing themselves, which would actually also be funny to watch) Then they would catch it and they would all be wrestling with each other, with like 10 of them all going over the falls and 25 of them in the barrel all just screaming at each other. At the end of it all, it would be one big sponger mess! That would make even me want to bodyboard once in a while!

By anonymous , 16-08-2003

no title - Dear Da Hui. Do you think your messages are interesting? If you do you are saddly mistaken. I tried to come up with some cool words like you have, but I'm just not that creative. Boo Yah. Word Up

By Jeb Bush , 16-08-2003

no title - This letter is in support of localism. I was in Tallahassee doing some governmenting and regulating. I just got back to Orlando a few weeks ago. Well my first session at "The Pool" (Typhoon Lagoon Disney World) was just God-awful. Man it was packed. There were Afro-Americans, Japanese, Canadiens and a whole slew of people. It was sickening. When I first paddled out some kid from Oklahoma on a boogieboard ran me over. His dad was on the side of the pool and started cheering(a democrat maybe?.) Well after I finally got a few I was sitting out the back when this little kid next to me starts acting funny. I thought he might be on drugs like my daughter, but it was far worse. The kid moved his bowels in the pool. Gross. Everybody started panicking and fled the pool. The Disney people had to close down the pool to sterilize it, and they don't know when it will be opened again. This sucks. Man I'm all about localism now.

By Da Hui , 16-08-2003

Onanmatopieia... - "Splash!" said the dog, in the vocab of 'woofish'...Jeb Bush is part of the holy trinity including, Dubya and Pop. Who gives a fuckeroo what he writes...he's not funny, and isn't even ironic. Just plain boring. You, boring also" are. - how's that for lesson in gramatical structure? Good, pleased you like it. Knowing that you like it, makes me feel warm and furry like a kute Coala knestin bye the fyre. Why don't you quit reeling out your neck, wind it in and shut your poop shute...Surf Gal is probably 12yrs old and hangs out a the mall when she isn't watching Doraemon. Kiwi is a kook-a-dook-a-gook if ever I heard one...and, Billy Bob, I've heard a lot...Many one, many two...Lots...lots many...many lots. Bintang, anyone? Nope...riiiiight. WORD.

By Super Poop , 16-08-2003

God, the dumb of the earth reside here. - Do you even know who Jeb Bush is dumbass? If you did you might get the humor of the post. Where do I sit? Where do I paddle out? I don't want to be a piece of surf girl ass laying on the beach. You fucking morons sound like a group of chimps beating sticks on the ground. Fuck off! Jeb Bush, I think you fucking rock! At least someone has a brain here.

By Da Hui , 12-08-2003

surfer gal is a ho! - I got ho's in different area codes, but I wouldn't let yo stink ass near my stick in a million eons. WORD. I is sure yo can't surf for shizznit. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Word.

By anonymous , 11-08-2003

JEB!!!!!!!!! BUSH SUCKS - Whatever what kind of grown man with a daughter insults people like that you must be heartless. Besides i wasn't trying to be perfect!

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