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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 05-12-2007

Seaside Point....the mainland 'North Shore' - Been there surfed that beautiful Seaside Point in Seaside, Oregon and i will say something that will piss off a lot of pipe locs........SEASIDE POINT IS A BETTER WAVE......just check out some of the pics and the video of the place posted on this site. Pipe is heavier, yes, but Seaside is like a cold water indo and 'crowded' when there are 10 GUYS OUT!!!!!!!! SEASIDE POINT IN SEASIDE OREGON's our 'North Shore.'

By matti_j , 27-11-2007

are ya kiddin me??? - what's with these "surf report" kooks? "yea i surfed pipe 5-6 ft, it wasn't too heavy"...riiiiight. so was that 6 ft as in head high or 6ft for real (double-O)??? Based on the "reports" i'm guessing it was the former. not that it really matters what people say on here, but i just saw that and it did raise my eyebrow a lil bit. If you even sat on the beach and watched a 6ft day, you'd probably say it's pretty heavy. if you sat in the lineup, you might never know because there's 50-60 heads sitting between you and the peak. if you really wanna surf pipeline, i'd say catch an odd hour and just wait for a lull in the crowd (which probably won't happen). your best bet (unless you're much much much better than most of us) is to wander around the other 6.5 miles of north shore and find another good wave, there are plenty of them. if you paddle out and recognize like 6-10 pro's sitting next to you and the rest are locals who will get at least 15 waves before you get that point, you'll get see what i mean.

By Anonymous , 07-11-2007

filipino bodyboarder - I am a bodyboarder from the philippines and i surfed 4 to 6 feet pipeline. Its not as heavy as i thought. Majestics is way heavier. Filipino bodyboarders are going to start making a mark at pipe.

By JG , 30-10-2007

Seaside, Oregon - Check out some of the pics and videos posted on the Seaside Point site here in Seaside, Oregon........THE PLACE IS SICK!!!!!! Surfed it for two weeks last Fall and it was SICK for about ten days out of fourteen.....the other days were also fun. Don't believe me? check the place out yourself......don't miss the video that some guy posted there. Pipe rules, but Seaside Point in Seaside, OR is like a cold water indo.........FOOTBALL RULES. Aloha

By jOESEPH , 08-10-2007

pipe is sweet - pipe is wicked fun if you go there down the beach is a surf shop called Kakane beach shop if you go there and ask for joeseph(me) i will go out with you and block every waVE AND IM LOCAL SO I CAN DEAL WITH SOME FO THSE PPL WHO HATE TOURSTIS.

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

brad.....come on - you just started last week and you wanna charge pipe. come on man you just started. its cool to have big dreams but reality is whats up. brad you got a pipe dream for real. no disrespect but be realistic

By old school boogie boarder , 26-07-2007

bodyboarding pipeline - There are just as many bodyboarders as there are surfers on a crowded day at pipe. I remember in the early eighties when there were only 12 bodyboarders riding pipe regularily. Does daniel kaimi still bodyboard there?

By brad , 16-07-2007

hi guys - i just surfed for my first time last week and im hooked!!!! im moving to oahu next winter with my sister and i was wondering when is the best time to surf pipeline? ive seen pictures of this place going off the hook!!! and it is a lengendary spot. hope to see you guys soon!!!

By jeez , 10-06-2007

You best be a local or just as good as one - Don't drop in on the locals. earn there respect and sit and wait. if your lucky (which i doubt) maybe they'll let you catch one or two. but have fun just sitting in the line up! maybe you'll get a nice frat boy tan for collage!

By Anonymous , 26-04-2007

The scene - The wolfpack, Pipeline Posse....what!...are you a bunch a fags? Nice nicknames goons. Here's an idea lads, graduate from highschool, go to college and join a frat. Leave the surfing to the surfers.

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