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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By surfoffshore , 17-04-2004

a - Why so much localism at this break you have warm water excellent sunshine beutifull waves probably because hawaii is americian island and america wants to control everyone, i surf thurso east scotland much better break even though the waters about 2 oc in winter

By Jay , 13-04-2004

For JJ - I've surfed in perfect conditions at pipe in as small as 2-3 feet. That's 2-3 feet hawaiian though. That would be chest high to head high if you're not from Hawaii and not familiar with what size that would be. I've gotten nice little barrels when it's been small. I always have fun surfing though so for me it's fun, but ask someone else and they'll say that it sucks when it's that small. It all depends on your perespective.

By Peter Strauss , 11-04-2004

Ocean Man - in recent years it has become a bodyboarders territory. theres 10 spongers for every surfer.

By Determined Female Surfer , 10-04-2004

Take Care : My story of Pipe !! - Im have been reading all you're comments about the Banzai Pipeline and you all say you surf - Ok maybe you do but you all seem so confident about surfing these sets of waves - And to all you surfers that have surfed pipe total respect coz from experience it aint as easy at it seems ! What you have to understand is that these are the most heaviest waves on the planet, you dont just get crushed out there you die ! Anyday at pipe is fierce, the current is always strong and the locals are always taking spots - if youre not a local you'll be lucky to catch a wave. Since i was 16 me and my best m8 trained for pipe for 4 years, it was our dream our ambition and we had great surf instructors, great waves to train with ect ... Finally the day had come to catch our flight to Oahu North Shore in Hawaii ! I was pissing my pants. We got there looked around bla bla bla and finally we took our boards and at 5am we set of in a rented car to pipe ! It was crowded (with locals). The locals sitting on the beach gave us the dirtyest looks in this case "if looks could kill" !! I was warming up - streching ect ect .... and one of the locals came over and gave some grief we took it - i mean i could see their point - we come over to there spot take there waves i knoe i wouldn't pleased but it wasn't anything i didn't expect ! They whent off for surf the waves were great - there had to be a perfect wave in thier somewere .. i was scared / nervous but i still whent fot it ! My first wave at pipeline Wow ! I got wiped -out big time and i was under-water for about 50-60 seconds (a 2 hand take down) the pressure of these waves when you're in them being wiped is emense - i felt mt had and lungs were just gonna burst !Anyway i came up and onother wavw hit me i was down for a while came back up and was ok ! My board had snapped in to 2 halfs. I whent back to sure to get my other one from r hotel room ! me and my m8 went back and i sat out for a while thinking 2 myself "should i do this" .... my m8 went in and i followed she had a great line-up and took off .... this wave was one of the best sets on the day that i had seen ... BUT worst came to the worst and she lost balance a local dropped in on her in the last second as she was leaving the wave. She fell and i paddled over a.s.a.p and i couldn't see her ! I waited for about 30 seconds for her and she didnt come up. I saw her board on the surface and she was not attached to it ! I panicked she came afloat and i was near i got her board attached it to myne she got on her board and i paddled her back to shore. I took her to hospital and she had 2 broken ribs, broken arm and foot and one of her toes was hanging off. I felt bad it wasn't my fault but .... what could i of done. She didnt surf for a year but now she's up and about and wants to go back to Pipe lol ... im up for it but she has no fears now !!
I dont know what the point of me story was i just thought i'd share it with you all! To warn you !!

By jj , 08-04-2004

Whats - whats the smallest pipes been when its perfect.

By anonymous , 04-04-2004

re - are you fucking insane? i live in san diego and can drive to hb and newport the break is good but teahupoo and pipe would murder anywave in socal. blacks is one of the best waves in socal and it isent any where near pipe. over rated no. insane, on occasion, teahupoo owns pipe thou.

By anonymous , 30-03-2004

southern cal boy - this wave is aight but caucasions rip harder then locals we get better breaks in cali like venice and hunington way heavier then pipe. pipe is way over rated

By i love to drop in on the locals! , 24-03-2004

hi my name is KOOKiemonster - wow im going to fly down there with my soft top and drop in on everyone...see you there ahahhaha dude!

By Keefe , 19-03-2004

no title - This spot is for people who can't surf spots on the east coast. East coast all the way dog yea!

By aussie , 16-03-2004

hellow - Just sayin hi from the northern beaches australia.

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