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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Yo! , 24-05-2004

Yes, it's all true. - Yes, the North Shore is better and yes it was Kainoa McGee riding a surfboard. He does it all. Don't piss him off though. He likes to beat the living sh!t out of people as a hobby. A few times when I've been out surfing and he showed up I just stayed completely out of his way. Don't even look at him. He charges though. He's one tough Hawaiian. I wish he'd mellow out a bit, but I guess that's what makes him charge.

By anonymous , 24-05-2004

- North Shore is 100% better, I get at least 5perfect offshore barrels a day no problem - and I surf with a max of 5guys during work and school time. Get a eveining job and live the dream. I work at Haleiwa Joes(4-10) serving and make minimum of $200 a night(tourist tip big).In the summer I head over to Austrailia and work at AUSGRILIA Seafood house, where I make bigger bank and my job is one block away from Superbank which is now 3pointbreaks, If you wannasurf year round you can - get in the restaurant biz

By anonymous , 23-05-2004

AFan - Was it me, or was Kainoa McGee riding a surfboard at the Hansens Energy Pro?

By jocks , 22-05-2004

hey chris u dunno wat u talkin about - yeh in australia we have good waves but all those point breaks like snapper to kirra superbank sand moves a bit and its crap and about 700 people out, shipsterns is just heavy but not a good shaped wave that suck up nicely you take off ther and hit the steps in the wave and ure dead in hawaii its perfect waves everywere wat about the bra boys talking about overrated koby aberton and the kirra over croweded heepa. over on the west side of ozz surf till ten and the wind gone onshore and the waves dont even barrel that good and its so inconsitent.
hawaii has the best big wave surfing in the world.

By oahu grown , 11-05-2004

so you wanna surf pipe? - go ahead, i gave it up years ago, if you're gonna go, go early, like before sunrise, if its big, you better have da ballz, and if its small, have some fast, hollow fun, but its still dangerous even when small, almost always a nice barrel. if its crowded, forget about it! as for groms, people of all ages charge at pipe, but that's the keyword "charge", you gotta charge hard and know what you're doing! puinsai!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 11-05-2004

no title - Dan Cam discovered pipe, but it was too shit and sloppy for him so he went back to DC's secret cove where its a lot better and no one ever goes there.

By grommet , 01-05-2004

grommet - Are there any grommets that surf pipe like 14-15 year olds.

By chris , 30-04-2004

aussie - Man this breaks over rated, so are most other breaks there. Here in australia we have knarrly waves like pipe wich haven't even been named yet, shark island is at least twice as heavy.There are so many tow spots that can rip your legs off down here in sydney not to mention shipterns in tassie, so please stop bragin about pipe and look out side the sqaure you live in, aloha did i say it write.

By anonymous , 25-04-2004

no title -

By , 21-04-2004

nice - nice story. That is what i plan to do (except for the wipe out part) What is with the lacalism anyway?

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