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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 16-06-2004

LOCALS - You da kind mahus.

By lifeguard , 14-06-2004

mahalos - no worries cuz, da hui is jus some boneheads with a stick figure label- Im a lifeguard at Euhukai and those guys have disappeared, only one fight this year and that was because somebody droped in on Bruce Irons. Nothing to fear here,its just hype to keep you guys away- respect and you will be respected. If anything you have to worry more about those crazy haoles

By Billabong Hawaii. , 14-06-2004

Mike Stewart - Billabong Pipe masters - is due this coming dec. 2004 with the first swell of the month.

By Unknown , 09-06-2004

unknown doesn't know - are we going to have the Pipe Mike Stewart masters this year?

By Phil Anselmo , 06-06-2004

far beyond driven - perfect wave to do ARS, 360'S, BACK FLIPS, DROP KNEE and other hardcore bodyboarding moves. Great beautiful ramp to fly high. all the way to the sky..and beyond.

By HA-Y-N , 03-06-2004

Funny - Wow, haole people are funny. It’s no wonder we all hate you. If you’re haole don’t even show up, you’re just gonna get beat up and maybe even drowned.

By T-Bone , 29-05-2004

A True Hawaiian - Foreing press center - Team McCaffery ???, Gulf coast??, Future Local?. Hawaii is not disneyland dude. You have to be from Hawaii or live there for at least 15 years in order to call yourself a local. Please, go play in the sand and let real surfers surf. I'm not sure Chad Militante is really Chad Militante. Cause he doesn't waste time in here, he is to busy surfing pipe with his bros. I miss hawaii a lot, for now Connecticut will do it But as soon my studies are over im going back to my beloved island. To all hawaiians surfers, bodyboarders, bodysurfers, longboarders, skimboarders around the hundread gunshot salute. We rule this fucking world

By Future Local , 29-05-2004

Agreed - I have to agree with the wannasurf guy. I am moving to the north shore this summer and hope the coming winter will bring some sick waves for me and my brother. Fact is this... Where I come from (gulf Coast), we don't put up with spongers sittin' on the peak. Even monkeys learned to walk upright after a few hundred years. Look at you. Anyway team ballsack better be ready for tha thunder this October... Team McCaffery is droppin' and poppin' N.S style this winter. I'll bring the cookies and milk.

By wannasurf , 28-05-2004

Glorified Spectators - Do have the slightest morsel of knowledge for what you spout? Not only did I leave my computer room last winter to join the crew of Quicksilver on a surf trip extrordinaire (including the NORTH SHORE), I personally charged pipe on my Al Merrick pintail during one of the best days you could ever hope to witness. In fact I seem to remember getting spit out just past a gawking sponge jockey stunned on the shoulder of the biggest deepest barrell of the day. Please do us all a favor before next winter and mount a camera on your spectator float, snap a couple shots of the action... Make use of your front row seat but stay clear of the action, you may get hurt.

By San Luis Obispo, California - Local sponger , 25-05-2004

be a man, don't take this one out - Although these is a nice surf site. I bet the guys at wannasurf are just wannabes. What happened with that comment from the Peruvian talking about how bodyboarders rule pipeline, why did you take it out?. Sad but true it is the cold cruel reality. Guys like Kiona or Tamega will take any wave they want and guys like the the ones at wannasurf just watch it from the safety of their computer rooms. Surfers like Tamayo Perry and Myles Padaca are still the shit, but I don’t understand how many spngers you see for every surfer when is really big. Could be that they are surfing jaws…with Mike Stewart doing 360s on the face of a 30 foot wave

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