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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By KRISTOfrenchy , 29-09-2008

wannasurf fascho ? - J'ai laissé un message hier concernant la diffamùation dont est victime le surfer Kristo, franco polynesien, dans les albums de Kylie Minogue. Wannasurf a effacé le message.

By Anonymous , 07-09-2008

Why Hawaiians hate us haoles so much... - ...because we're stronger, tougher, smarter, and better looking than you. We come to your impoverished little shithole island for two weeks a year and take over your beaches, kick sand in your faces, and bang all of your women. Then we load up on puka shell necklaces, take a shit in the dresser drawer of our hotel room, and return to our totally kickass, upper middle class lifestyles on the mainland. Sorry, I know the truth hurts, but someone had to lay it out.
P.S. Meth is bad, mmmkay?

By it's getting boring , 27-08-2008

Hey Moderator - Why does WannaSurf put up with some of this BS? Nobody wants to see this "I hate (fill in ethnicity here)", it's done.

Why would Islanders hate haoles so much anyways? If it weren't for the white man, where would all those Mokes get the Meth they crave so much?

By Ahi Kape , 19-06-2008

Polynesian - Pakeha fuck off, only polynesian surf this break man. Hawaiians are cool they can come to cook islands and surf with me there i show u the good breaks. I go to hawaii one time to much pakeha there. Respect the polynesian and we will giv u 1 wave every 2 years.

By Anonymous , 19-03-2008

- hey haole hater. #1 you don't speak for all hawaiians. i had 4 hawaiian roomates, real hawaiians of polynesian decent, not the phillipino, japanese mix that claim they are hawaiian just because they were born there. These guys were the nicest, most hospitable people i have ever met, made me feel like family and i am as white as they come being of irish decent. Its ignorant people like you that give real hawaiians a bad name.

By Anonymous , 19-12-2007

M Joyeux - In Memory of Malik, Teïva's bra'

By Anonymous , 18-12-2007

Seaside Point is better - If you're into surfing PERFECT, BARRELLING WAVES.........go to seaside point in seaside, oregon. i got my first taste of pipe last winter and, man, it sucked. yes, the waves are HARDCORE but, really, 3 waves in three hours out? no way......i'll stick to Seaside Oregon....the wave that surfline calls 'the best lefthand pointbreak in North America.......cold water indo baby with TEN GUYS out when it's CROWDED!!!!! here is a video link of the point on a small swell..........

By Anonymous , 08-12-2007

surfing heavier than bodyboarding - Surfing pipe at 4 to 6 feet is way more dangerous than bodyboarding it. I here so much talk from bodyboarders on how their taking over pipe. But you know what, it'll never happen. Surfers will always rule pipe.

By waterman_75 , 07-12-2007

Reguarding "pipline sucks" - Aloha and e komo mai "welcome" to the joys of surfing all of the tourist destinations in Hawaii. The next time you are in town for a surfing vacation continue down the beach to a little place called crouching lions. If there are Kona winds and you are not afraid of a longer paddle out this is truly a little known world class wave!

By Anonymous , 06-12-2007

Pipeline Sucks - I surfed this spot last week. I will admit that it is a very good wave but it is so crowded. If you go to Mexico. Zicatela beach the mexican pipeline, no one is there and you get the same conditions as pipe. The barrells are much longer at zicatela

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