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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By me , 14-08-2004

danny black - dose anyone know danny black.

By anonymous , 26-07-2004

- theres probably a hundred breaks better than pipe out there,
think oz and the south pacific,the glamourization of the
North Shore lifestyle and the kooks that came along caused this break to be so localized.i personally blame some(but not all)of the surf companies,for putting pac suns in every mall from here to nebraska,giving every landlocked transplant germ the "right" to fly out to hawaii and be a future local or whatever that retard said before.

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

Getting waves at Pipe - How many people are in the lineup on an 8-10 foot day at Pipe?

By chris , 04-07-2004

im sick of pipeline - Pipeline this pipeline that its crap, come to australia and we will show you a pipline. with 1/4 of the crowed.

By anonymous , 02-07-2004

- ive been to maui , oahu and kaui. I currently reside in so cal but I am moving to oahu in approx. 6 months. Anyone scared of the locals dont be. Yes they can be harsh but like most people will tell you its about respect. You have to earn your right out there. It is their home not ours and as long as you respect that youll be fine. Some locals will take it too far but that is true with anywhere. Ive seen people get beat up at my local break of 10 years over lame ass shit. For the most part just be respectful and youll get waves. First couple times you paddle out you might only get a couple but the more time you spend out there the more youll get. you just have to prove you are not their to exploit their home and you also have to prove you have what it takes to charge. peace! mahalo

By , 01-07-2004

Best month for surf? - I've been wanting to try my hand at some of the big waves out there. Mainly just surfed Cali. Thinking of planning a trip to Oahu. Any particular month or time period when the surf is usually the best?

By anonymous , 01-07-2004

ha - it sounds like that guy got seriously fuked up which im sure will happen to u shortly smartass

By surfer defending bodyboarding , 24-06-2004

poser surfers - i was reading these messages and i am disgusted by the amount of ignorance ive seen, all you surfers ragging on bodyboarding obviously have never been to Pipe becuase on an average day you will see more bodyboarders than surfers out in the line up getting deeper barrels and bigger air. I'm not saying that's how all bodyboarders are but the majority of them have way better attitudes than surfers. Also at the Rockstar Games Pipeline Pro of bodyboarding, a kook surfer from california(probably one of you) paddled out to pipe during one of the bodyboarding heats and when asked to get out of the water, by hte water patrol he cussed them out, than kainoa mcgee a surfer and bodyboarder proceeded to paddle out and was greated with two punches by the surfer and kainoa just laughed and then punched the guy and took his surf board and trew it over the falls, after the guy swam himself in he was greated by some of the most hectic guys in hawaii who asked him to come to the volcom house when he wouldn't guy he was beaten up very badly(whole face was swollen and bleeding) and his board was broke in half.

By LOLO , 22-06-2004


By i like to surf because it is fun , 20-06-2004

hello friends - hi my name is sam raftle i am from avoca which is on the central coast of NSW which is in AUS. i like to boogy board and i went to the pipeline and it was good. i like my local brake better though cause it's heavier and it get bigger. but pipe is still good. i did a masive ARS their once and the locals put my on their shoulder and carried me to the bar and shouted me beer for 7 days

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