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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By , 26-10-2004

surfed pipe 10/20/04 - was on ohau last week and went to pipe to surf...have a great respect for the locals and always guys helped me in the small surf ..4-5 foot big for me but not for you all..had a blast but as always respected the people who live and surf there all the time..i may not have got the best waves of a set..but you all let me fit in with you and enjoy the number 1 surf spot of the whole world..thanks again only hope i can return the favor some day.. surfer from texas..

By anonymous , 26-10-2004

kick me outta the water?? - go head...

try it...

I don't care who you are or what you say or claim, as soon as your hands are placed on me or my values, game over, game over,

all that localism and selfish ownership needs to end...

By Me , 26-10-2004

to little boy - Don't ever send a message like that, that was really dumb and you just made yourself look like an asshole.

By little boy , 22-10-2004

i shred pipe - im four years old and i rode pipeline on my boogie board i own you. pipeline is not scary i get more scared by flu vaccines.

By anonymous , 09-10-2004

People should start towing in at pipe - People should start towing in to pipe buting some one deep barrel there would feel like the greatest feeling. You could start 100 to 200 feet up the reef

By NJ local , 02-10-2004

To all th locals at pipe - Are bodyboarders repected at pipe? I no that they are out number by surfer but are they threaten and get boards thrown at them. just wondering

By J Wrizzle connected for life , 29-09-2004

Hardcore Foamy - Aloha,
i was wondering how the hard the paddle out is? i want to come here to surf but i'm not that good of a paddler. i know how to go straight but i don't think i can turn yet. Thanks for the info, I'll be coming there soon to rip it up on my 9' foamboard and I am going to run over all of you hawaiin kooks.

By chris , 09-09-2004

its all about respect - First of all how can any of you whether Hawaiin or from Oz or the mainland come onto a messageboard and claim to be a local who rides pipe? Its cyberspace. You may very well be a local who rips, but talking up your game and especially using physical threats is both a waste of time and indicates that you are most likely some immature kid or some rutheless brute who probably sucks anyway. From experience the guys who shred the hardest are the most soft-spoken people you can meet. They let their surfing do the talking. hell, its probably a waste time just writing this message but i like to single out shit talkers in real life too, so why not.
I agree with locals who are loyal to their surf breaks and who voice their opinions of people who drop-in, paddle around people, and act like an ass. The whole name of the game is having respect in an environment that you arent accustomed to. If you drop in on someone on a wave like pipe then you deserve to get punched out because you are seriously risking that person's life. But come on people, calling names and tossing threats just because that person paddles out to your break is ridiculous. Dirty looks whatever, thats all part of the simple innate male dominant attitude. I live on the east coast of USA and even at the breaks that i surf on a regular basis i sometimes give up waves to the newcomer that happens to be on the inside. We all want to be aggressive because surfing is frustrating, especially when you go through long flat spells.
This sport is rapidly becoming more popular and there is nothing we can do about that except take it with a mellow attitude. I read the messageboard about the surfer who got beat up during the bodyboard contest. I dont know how the justice system works on the islands but on the mainland you are getting locked up for aggrevated assault for that shit. Is it worth it? Spread the word about surfing etiquette to the newbs....

It is amazing though how ignorant and unafraid some people are. I wouldnt be surprised if some random vacationer decided to "learn how to surf" while on oahu and attempted to paddle out to pipe and wiped out kala alexander. Get mad? Hell yea..but you have to factor a few things in before you punch their lights out.

By anonymous , 09-09-2004

Good Suurf in Australia - I dont know, but it was like that a Austinmer beach today. But not closing out and the water was maybe, 10 inches deep and 4-5ft. It was crazy. It looked like teahupoo, just 1/4 of the size. I wish I had my underwater camera down with me. There was only 5 people out and almost every wave was spitting. What made it even more exciting is that I get a 4 day weekend because the cleaners have gone on strike and they have closed the school because the toilets are so dirty. Unfortunatly the waves are sposed to drp of tommorrow though.

By anonymous , 03-09-2004

question - i was watching enless summer 2 yesterday and they had a little info on pipe, is it true that when the sand bar is out the waves are only breaking onto water thats only 4 inches deep like the movie says, or is this just bullshit?

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