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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Aloha spirit in Oz , 18-02-2005

Mad!! - I surfed the North Shore for the first time this previous winter from October 28th till January 17th. I dont think that it is possible to explain to somone who has not been out at Pipe what that wave is like. It is absolutely amazing. You feel like Maximus in the grand gladiator stadium with the crowd on thebeach. I am from Perth in Australia and I ride heavy reefs often so I was comfortable riding it from 4-10ft. I beleive that Pipe may not be the heaviest wave in the world but it is the funnest heavy wave I can think of. The only problem is the crowds. The locals where all very cool but there is an obvious pecking order out there, it is locals and then the pros and then average Joes like me and you who will probably visit the North Shore once in there life. I had 4-6 hour sessions and only caught about 4 or 5 waves in each and I was between the left and right paddling my arms off. I had to take close outs and smaller double ups, still calling people off who wanted to drop in. Utter madness. The waves the locals do not take the pros scramble for. I usually get my waves in crowds but not there. I only had four sessions and i am glad that I did, the rest of the time I surfed some amazing waves at Lanaikea, Log Cabins, Sunset, Pupukea and Haleiwa(Chuns reef was my small wave to keep streched between swells). I would advise anyone who is capable of making the drop to surf it at least once in there life, if they decide to brave the madness of the North Shore.I will be stoked for the next few years.

By ShackMaster , 14-02-2005

You Da Man! - After seeing some of the surfspots around the globe, I have personally concluded PIPE is overated. What is the average length of ride. A short, on average 2-3 sec' ride to cheat bodily injury. However if you feel the need to up some sack, and show off to the locals, and the mainlanders, it seems to be the place... Just remember. Drop, Bottom turn, stall up in the tube, and maybe you won't die suckas!

By chris , 08-02-2005

what the - Listen up, now i really want you pipe locals to understand were im coming from,please! You presist to complain about your crowds and the kooks who block your smooth lines you insist on drawing, as a result you just abuse, not all of you just a sum. Cant you see how much the world enjoys your backyard, that alone should be unuff but there are the stubborn ones the ones that lack the decency to put themselves in the tourist shoes what if u weren't born on the north shore but you were so keen to enjoy the world by traveling and surfing some of the worlds finest surf breaks, it just so happens that one of them is located in hawaii and it gose by the name of pipeline. Karma my freind is what will keep you happy or in the low so be nice be proud and if you dont like it your not worth being a surfer.

By anonymous , 08-02-2005

Pipe isn't that overrated - Lets face it, its super hollow, its big and dangerous as hell, the water is warm, and the talent level of other surfers is superb. Sure there are other awesome waves on this planet we live on, but Pipe is easily accessible, and still a super hollow heavy reef break that is amazing. So if you like Oz so much why the hell are you coming to hawaii

By bodyboarders are alright , 26-01-2005

mike the man - hi im a 27 yr old surfer from western ausralia, i live in margaret river and my home break is the box, surfing the box all my life i thought i would be able to handle pipeline's power and crowds... but i was wrong, ut when i got out to pipeline i couldnt believe the strangle hold thaT mike stewart had on the whole crew, he was taking off deeper than anyone else and a couple of wannabe hardcore locals followed him and just got smashed everytime they tried to do what he was doing, now usually i hate bodyboarders, but after seeing how surfers/bodyboarders get along at pipeline i have a whole different perspective on bodyboarding..... p.s its not as easy as evryone thinks

By anonymous , 15-01-2005

Jesse- Merle Jones - Its about time somebody gave Jesse some props, That dude rips harder than 95 percent on the globe, I saw him at wires on kauai yrs ago,(or the spot next to wires)POWER SURFING RULES, ALWAYS WILL! Andy and Bruce could take take lessons from that cat.

By for wat its worth , 11-01-2005

think carefully - Do you wear a black armband
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They shot Kennedy
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We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all
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By break it down james brown , 10-01-2005

tru - yeh ive heard of that place and it does big time

By dedly jedly , 26-12-2004

oz kicks ass - theres a place in west australia called melros,i dont know if u have heard of it but it shits all ova pipe

By anonymous , 24-12-2004

pipeline - i was one of the first to surf truly is da nutz brah.

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