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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By J. Isuzu , 17-03-2005

Hawaii sucks - That's right. Everyone should go to england, or aussieland, or tahiti, or germany, or switzerland. They got wayyyy better surf. In fact Randy should end the surf contest season in bolivia. Hawaii sucks. Stay away. No camera's please because its small, blown out and dirty all the time, everyday. Amazing how they can touch up a photo these days. Its all bullshit. In fact Oahu does'nt exist. Its actually samoa with a fancy sign. So save your money and go to baja. Pipeline, just a bad joke.

By Aloha from Oz , 15-03-2005

Message Below - Well said!! Anyone who tries to put pipe down is a bit of an idiot and is just embarresing them selves. If some spot in England is so heavy and perfect, how come the WCT does not end there? How come it is not on magazine covers all over the world every year?

By With love and aloha , 14-03-2005

Bad Boyz - All you bad asses that piss on pipe should print your names. If its so fucking easy let us know who you are so we can line up in awe of your surfing abilities. Yea, I thought so. Keep sitting on the shoulder and wishing then go home and piss some more. How many little old ladies from iowa ask where your spot is? Kiss my ass posers. And since this may be used in a court of law against me if I have to punch you in the face I'll just sign it...

By anonymous , 14-03-2005

5 heavier spots - Ok, so the challenge was 5 spots heavier at 10-15ft. I think that there are three that you could hands down say are heavier would be; Shipsterns (Tazmania-Australia) is heavier and you can paddle in and Shark Island (New South Wales-Australia) holds up to 12ft, it has heavier section on the inside, but the take off out the back is easy. Deadmans (New South Wales-Australia). But they are in cold water and are not as perfect. As heavy are; Jakes Point (Western Australia). Cloud Break (Fiji). G-Land (Indonesia). Ebay (Indonesia). But at 10-15ft who is to say which would be heavier...all waves are different. Pipe has a very dangerous reef.

By anonymous , 13-03-2005

bodyboarders rule - the person who rote the msg under a nobhead, u can tell hes a stand up so it means he is very rong, pipe aint even heavy... might be heavy at 15 ft but then again where isnt...stand ups suc...bodyboarders rule the world

By Just me , 10-03-2005

Play nice boys - Jumping off a building is heavier than surfing pipe but not many people get to do that (and talk about it afterwards). Its about mystique. It has history, beauty, and if you do it well it will make you a star. It also is a killer. Play too hard or get too cocky and it will remind you that nature never loses. Geez, just going out is a rush and makes you feel...blessed.
Van Arsdalen, Sutherland, Lopez, Russel, Carrol, Ho, to name a few. Greg Noll and Mike Stang at 3rd reef. Carrol holding off Derek for his first 10 in the Pipe finals. So many moments. Pipe is not the best wave but it is the most prestigious. Its as simple as that!

By Leeroy , 03-03-2005

- No bother.
blacklands - easily europes heaviest wave. up to 15ft on a shallow ledge half a mile out to sea.
Grunta - go here when b.lands is maxed.
xyz - bodyboards only - its too fast to make standing up.
others that are secret spots that i cant say - i'd have to kill you!

By Aloha from Oz , 02-03-2005

Stop pretending to be hardcore!!! - To all the people out there who are playing this wave down, if it such a girly-boy wave please name 5 spots that you can paddle into, that are heavier than 10-15 foot pipe at the same one wave that has killed more people...teahupoo is tow ins only at that size...come on name them!!! I live in Western Oz and we have some heavy waves but they do not hold the size Pipe does.

By Leeroy , 28-02-2005

+ england forever + - hey listen up. all this crap about locals heavy surf etc is bollox. i'm from england and ive just come back from hawaii where i spent the winter charging. our waves are way heavier than yours - plus you lot moan when the temperature drops under 20 degrees! try surfing in a 5mil, boots gloves and hood in OUR winter! the locals didnt give me any hassle - SHOW respect to EARN respect. i surfed pipe and yeah it was a new experience but once you get used to it there's no bother with the take-off and pulling in just requires big tesicles.

By Latin lover , 24-02-2005

Italian surfers who lives in Oahu - I do not want to surf pipe. I leave it to the people of the place but I would like to meet some hawaiian girls who are bored to wait for their man when he is surfing the tube at Pipe. So as Italian I can help to keep this place complete.
I would like to say aloha but I say Ciao Amici.

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