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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By clowns , 28-04-2005

Get an education - Are all you f#$%ers that stupid. Sarcasm and Irony are not rock groups. I guess you are lucky they don't give IQ tests to get in the water or you would all be stuck high and dry! Too bad they allow donkeys access to computers without checking for intelligence. I miss the old days when surfers had brains. Ignorance seems to be the rule, not the exception in this generation!

By hamish humphries , 27-04-2005

pipe is flat - pipe is not a good wave unlike my homebreak of cottesloe in perth w.a australia

By anonymous , 26-04-2005

Curren - I saw curren surf a two ft wave more graceful than you homos could surf pipe. Add it up.

By anonymous , 25-04-2005

alligators - there aint no alligators in Tasmania dumbarse. You are the clown I believe.

By they make me laugh , 22-04-2005

Bring in the clowns - I can not believe you idiots! Who gives a shit if 4ft garbage hole is "heavier" than 4ft Stanely's (I know it went over 95% of the clowns that read this crap). Pipeline is the canvas that judges great artist. The gold medal in the olympics goes to the best athelete that day...period. Not the fastest, not the strongest, not the most talented, but the best that DAY. One shot for all the marbles. Pipe is the essence of that spirit. If you are fortunate to win the PIPE MASTERS you are considered the gold medalist period. No questions, no asterisks, no nothing. Got the f$#@ing picture! If you shine day in and day out at Pipe you are considered at the top of the food chain in the surfing world. Who gives a shit what happened at alligators a$$ tazmania, or kangaroo shit australia, or snake piss indochina. F#$@ up all day everyday but win at Pipe and you are an immortalized surfing god.

By Wonderboy , 21-04-2005

Hmmm - Whats more dangerous, Pipe, Teahupoo in Tahiti, or Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania?

By matti_j , 04-04-2005

not exactly revelant... - this is totally irrelevant, but...say you've been surfing for about 2 years, 1 year on the east coast, then a year in norcal. you are moving to hawaii in a few months. obviously you don't wanna go straight to the north shore (just picked this thread to ask because people seem to post here pretty often), so what would be some good places to start? i've surfed some pretty decent size waves in the monterey, marina, moss landing area, but i've never even been to hawaii (getting shipped there via the US Navy). everyone knows about the world class spots, but what are some places to go surf that won't kill you but still offer some challenging rides for the less experienced surfer? thanks for any advice, cuz i don't wanna end up getting my ass kicked right off the bat. gracias amigos

By anonymous , 03-04-2005

pipe murdered over 10 surfers - pipe will slam u into the reef and crack you freaking skull open... so if you think europe is dangerous lets c u try surf pipe at 15ft dumbshit...o yeah in hawaii...the height that locals say the wave is is about half the face a 10ft wave would be triple overhead at pipe...stupid european

By elf , 28-03-2005

respect - respect to the guys who can realy charge pipe.

By dancer , 24-03-2005

older and wiser - If you have ever seen Greg Noll's "ride" from 3rd reef, or Butch plowing on a tank, or watch an Angel laugh, or Owl and the Hawk dueling backside, or seen Rory trying to grab Gerry's crown from his head, or watched Michael's broken wing victory, or heard MR saying you have to practicaly die to win there, or seen Ho and Carrol battle, or witnessed Slater's changing of the guard rookie season, or seen Stewart's air show, or felt the ground shake when the waves broke 100 yards away, or been a witness to a thousand and one other "stories" THEN you can compare the lady with the other girls at the dance. But till you have met the Queen all others are just debutante's at the dance young boys. Some things in life are bigger than those passing through it.

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