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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Einstein , 12-05-2005

Its all relative - If you're a surfer and think your the best and really believe it you will eventually find yourself on Hawaii's north shore. The "country" has it all. The good, the bad, and the aussies (just kidding mates!). There's the green jacket for golf, the gold medal, the Lombardi trophy, etc. They all symbolize one thing, excellence.
Surfers have status indicators too. In the islands the best surfer is the Triple Crown Champ. The best in big surf, the "Eddie". The best under a knife, Pipe. Free surfing counts, but so does surfing "other" places.
Among your peer's for the glory it has to be done out front, with pressure, for everyone to see. One time for all the marbles. Put up or shut up. That's Hawaii.

By Lord rupert , 09-05-2005

jolly good fun chaps - came off an aeroplane a couple of months back and took a lazy taxi ride to what one calls the northshore. Granny & Grampa used to live there a while back & managed the sugar & pinapple plantations, before all theses ruffan americans invaded.
To my shock, I was sworn at by some 'brah' who 'fliped' me the 'bird' & called me a 'howler' or something silly.
At this point Gwyendilan, took her walking stick & firmly 'bitch whipped' that 'brah hommies ass', and I followed through by 'tweaking a phat 360' on his 'sack' with my zimmer.
after that we had a lovely cup of tea in the small hamlet of Hale'iwa, before setting off to cull somemore 'hommie ho's'

By matti_j , 06-05-2005

Curren... - so maybe Curren never won at Pipe...regardless, check out some of his North Shore pics from this year. I think you will probably change your mind about his abilities in big waves.

By leeroy , 05-05-2005

- its funny how easy it is to wind people up! you just type a stupid post and press cool, submit. i have to apologize, as i did that to see if anyone would respond. there is no doubt in anyones mind (mine included) that pipe is the best - even people whove never been there think that. people who type the stupid posts here either are just pissing about or they have no brain (i was the former). i do have to say though eppo that if youre such a dedicated surfer - i have to ask the question what are you doing spending 4 years in england if its so crap? so much for your surfing career. if you value having surfing in your life then put yourself somewhere where you can fulfil it. england is crap for surf - i know that i lived there all my life - except now ive left.

By anonymous , 05-05-2005

JC - Dorian.Surfing gets old.Its kinda like weight lifters and people who just want to relax.Do I have to surf Kings to make you all understand?Its gettin kinda silly?

By anonymous , 01-05-2005

JC - And trust me when your your in your greatest moment, your in your worst moment, because it only gets better.Ask Jack Johnson,any hawaiian can sing a peaceful song on ukelele or guitar.

By anonymous , 01-05-2005

Jesus Christ - Its funny. I just saw a add in surfing magazine with Kala. It said your either with us or against us.I'm gonna change it to your either holy or your not holy.I used to live across from Ira on Kauai.(I know what time it is).

By not a clown , 30-04-2005

Just wondering... - Did Curren ever win at Pipe. No! I guess cause it was never held in 2 foot surf...ho-mo. By the way I WAS at the first Wyland when Curren got his first Hawaiian win (Potter, Carrol, and J-Boy in the finals at Haleiwa). And I would guess a very large monkey was lifted off his back. Don't think "other" spots matter. Hawaii was, Hawaii is, and Hawaii will always be the test. I can not believe you a$$holes think its even a pissing contest cause all other places are vying for second place. AND we are still just talking about Oahu, f*&%ing wannabe wankers.

By , 29-04-2005

ahh when will the little men stop putting this wave down - heyya, im originally from the central coast NSW AUS, and have travelled to over 30 countries checking surf. i arrived at pipe on a huge day 5 yrs ago and it is the biggest heaviest and cleanest big wave i have ever seen. i was far too shitscared to surf it and so was everyone else that day except for the pros who were out (dont sit there thinking 'yeah i'd go out', because when you are faced with the reality of pipe going off, you panic and stay on the beach). i have lived in england 4 yrs now 'leeroy' and no you are a wanker, england does not have any good waves and certainly none that are even close to anything hawai'i can offer. i spent a week in cornwall and didnt bother going out as it was so crap, north scotland and gower peninsula, wales, crap all over englands beaches

By cronulla charger , 29-04-2005

stoked - im from sydney Oz. last winter i was lucky enough to go on a trip to hawaii wit two of my mates and surf the world famous pipeline. It was easily the best and most perfect wave i have ever surfed. The locals werent that bad i found if u dont take there waves and just wait ure turn. also there are hundreds of awesome waves all over the island. i cant wait to come bak next season.

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