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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By sven , 28-11-2005

reply to michael and body boarders - tossers ? Bodyboardings for people who don't have any balance, and don't even want to stand up. All you do is catch the wave and mabey try some sloppy barrel roll. well congrats!thats the first step to surfing,now try the second..standing up..and so on. You will be amazed with how much more there is to surfing than "boogie boarding"..
oh yeah and i have a question ..if you want to ride switch do you go butt first??

By anonymous , 08-11-2005

- oi michale u bogie boarding poofta do u still get urr mummy to push u onto the waves u little dick draging faggot

By anonymous , 14-10-2005

i'm a child prodegy - Pipe is the best man! I surfed i when i was 4, ya thats right, 4!!!! im 7 now and am charging tripple overhead pipe!!!!I know what your thinking, this kid cannot be serious, but i am!!!

By michael , 25-09-2005

u guys r tossers - surfings shit. bodyboardings where its at. the sooner you standups realize the better. actually, no - keep standing and leave the real sport to the real men.

By anonymous , 11-09-2005

Look where surfings come. - Slaters gonna play wolfmother with his boat trip.If you wanted a fag ship, go to an old alley bar.Wayne Lynch, Michael Peterson (God love him),are probably rolling around in their graves.This is the perfect time, to tell all surfers how you feel, Slater.

By anonymous , 11-09-2005

Money sluts - I'm gonna surf bobos.

By Steve Makahna , 27-08-2005

Local Myth - The locals at pipe are some of the nicest fellas in the world. They will treat you with just as much respect you give them. Don't drop in, call anyone (Especially someone in black boardies) off a wave, and don't be too noisy out there.
If you do any of these things you may find that happy, smiling local will turn into your worst nightmare.
The wave itself is usually pretty epic, does close out in certain swells, but usually a fun wave to be had in all sizes.
Just have respect, don't be a smartass, and if a local tells you to move along DO IT!

By local bodyboarder of Port Macquarie , 17-08-2005

port macquarie. australia - i am from lighthouse beach (LHB), port macquarie,mid north coast,new south wales, australia. it is a small coastal town 6 hours south of gold coast (snapper) and 4 hours north of sydney (shark island). port macquarie is the body boarding capital of australia hosting names like damian king, mason rose, eppo, daniel scarlett, brae pettiford and many more. i have recently been to 'pipe' and loved it. best surf ever. you should try to go to port and chek it out. it will not let you down. check it.

By doggas , 15-07-2005

con - ive surfed pipeline it was ok but i recommend u ppl to surf is ultimate but the locals r way heavier then the sell out volcom fags....i am beautiful u doggas....peace

By cj , 06-07-2005

sheeeeeite - leeroy man, shutup, you don't know what you talking about. Hawaiian waves are generally waaaaaaaaay heavier than europe, you are an embarrassment to your nation and your continent

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