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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By QfHAVZEQPXPM , 25-07-2007

KCDLZgSmHEmTBNtMCtH - jwlq8G A number of universities have awarded her honorary degrees, and she earned a prestigious job on the staff of Detroit congressman John Conyers. In 1988 Roxanne Brown noted: "Thirty-two years after she attracted international attention for sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Mrs. Parks's ardent devotion to human rights still burns brightly, like a well-tended torch that ignites her spirit and calls her to service whenever she is needed."

By Anonymous , 01-06-2007

- I was wondering if this guy was talking about Tankers, too; if it's the place I'm thinking of it's on the Ewa outer reef, waaaaaay outside to the right of White Plains towards where the oil tankers sit. Gets good sometimes, similar to Swabbies; it's a mother of a paddle; never seen more than 2 or 3 guys out there at a time, and even then only when it's good.

By Anonymous , 10-04-2007

- "Oils" in the "middle of the ocean", huh? You talking about Tankers, or what?

By but you WONT!!! , 27-09-2006

ive actually surfed here - Its by far the least known spot on this island for sure. It doesn't break in the middle of the ocean but it does break really far out. I can't believe this spot is actually on this. If you actually did find this spot and surf it, you would most likely have it to yourself, but if any locals are out, man i wouldn't want to be you... good luck on the search..... i ain't givin any clues becuase this wave is way to good. Ahhhh like twice a year, if that.... but when its on, its on

By anonymous , 08-06-2005

I know where - I not going say, but i think i saw em from downtown on Monday, June 6 2006. Anyone no if it was breaking then? I just seen this HUGE whitewater at the horizon, like maybe 15 miles out or so, wit the binoclers.

happy searching!

By , 26-05-2004

I believe your talking about razor back's - it is a mean right, long paddle, i know where stay but i'm not tellin.

By , 26-05-2004

I believe your talking about razor back's - it is a mean right, long paddle, i know where stay but i'm not tellin.

By fuk u , 05-08-2003

to big b - eh faka! i get one job. i guard lives and you da one i would let drown bitch.

By anonymous , 28-07-2003

no title - UKTW, I know you expect alot from a Nation who elected such a Great President, Ever hear of a typo? Dont be so bummed out, Not all Americans are the Super-Heros you think we are, Try listening to your own advice! try learning to Surf!

By UKTW , 28-07-2003

Yellow Turnip Trees From Space... - Who cares what people type? Who are you to enforce some sort of prescriptivist law on how people spell, when you can't even spell 'book'...B-O-O-K. There you go, happy now? American, right? Thought so...What do you expect from a nation of people who elect Wubya into office? Not much, is the answer...Surf waves, look for clues, search and ye shall find...

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