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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Lanikai reef

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By kfernsufer , 25-01-2010

big days at the MOKULUA's - k firstof all, its not called lanikai break of twin islands. its called the mokulua islands. k well i grew in kailua and didnt surf too much there. oneday, after school, at about5 oclock. me and my friend decidedto go paddle out. both having short boards and no experience there. we were so tiredpaddling out and in. the current can be a dick while padlling in. but it looked good sizefrom lanikai point. we went out. crazy big and so sketch. glassy and 6-7ft face! so deep whales could be out?!? yeah, the entire bay was breaking (about 6 spots)! was nutz, onlyoldguyz who lookedlikelanikai residents wereout. got back when it was pitch black!goodtimes!
another time, we went to mokulas. we were off oftheisland it was like 7ft! glassy. the wave is supah thick. so muchwhite wash when its big! i gave up(too big) my friend stayed out on his 5'10" hecouldnt catch a thing, the wave wasto thick. But it gets fun on the inside! the white wash meets from both sides and you can literally fly like 4ft in the air!

By Anonymous , 18-12-2009

NAPPYKAUKAU - I surfed all over the east side, some of the best times and waves. There are sharks and you can get a reef sandwich served raw if you don't know the spots. twin islands and no can tells are the good spots when its konas and a N. swell. Rabbit island is the spot 1994 winter swell turkey day swell....PK, JEFF, we ruled!!!
Back side Bob

By Anonymous , 09-12-2007

Over-rated - Lanikai Reef has a handful of shifty, wobbly spots. It's basically like lots of breaks: super inconsistent. The residents will score the rare days, you'll hear about it too late and will never get the good days. The waves are infrequently worth it, but you do get to surf frequently with a Hare Krishna cult who frequent the reef.

By Lanikaigal , 15-07-2007

Reef - K first of all lanikai reef is a great break , and if u said u didnt like it its probally cause u havent seen it in the winter, it gets big, real big, and its always a beautiful wave and the water is 99.9% always glassy, so i suggest u go back in the winter see if you can handle it and THEN comment on it, (that is if u dont wimp out going out there). And by the way, there are some sharks , yet i haved liked in lanikai and surfed there all my life and i havent been bitten or attacked once and idk anyone who has but still you should be if u got guts go try it out in WINTER.

By Local boy Mo'e , 13-07-2007

Lanikai bull#$%^ - I'm born and raised there. Used to paddle it as a kid, bought a boat to dive and surfed it for years. My brother friends and I have been chased to the boat by big tigers so many times. One time in the late afternoon a 16 foot tiger followed us as we paddled in (25-30 min paddle). If you really must surf it, be sure you don't have shark phobias. You will see them on most days, and you are a mile from the nearest land. Most times the waves are choppy and blown out. So many good breaks in the area. Why risk it. I have surfed 35 years and been diving as long. If guys keep surfing it, there will be an attack someday. The sharkiest place I have ever seen. See you out there.

By Anonymous , 25-09-2006

pretty junk - its not worth it, you drive to lanikai to paddle half a mile out and get dissorganized and dangerous waves that are often blown out. if you take a boat you better watch out for about a billion coral heads on the way out just waiting for you to hit them. and you cant be afraid of one foot water visablility during storms which is the only time theres waves.

By kaili. , 07-06-2006

its cool - i surfed out there once. and it was fricken awesome i'll admit. we talked to a fisherman guy and heard about that shark stuff. but i paddled out it's fricken hella long i was amped on monster energy though. it is good at low tide and ya. we were out till dark cause it was good and i seen my friend from h.a.s.a so i guess people do know about it. but you would definatly want a boat cause' the paddle suck's unless your on monster and there seems to be a fricken deep ass channel and current and ya. there are sharks i get the feeling there. but idk i got it at 5ft barrely and offshore so i was lucky. and umm ya it was good. oh by the way im only 14 i do all the contests and you can sponsor me. im a girl by the way.

By no-can-tell my name , 06-04-2006

no-can-tells - dont forget about no-can-tells! looking at the islands from the beach its further to the right. just a little past lanikai point to bellows but still out on the reef. pretty nice left.

By anonymous , 06-12-2004

SHARKS - In the mid-80's some guy was killed by a tiger shark out there. I have also heard stories about packs of sharks that cruise the area. It isn't worth it to drive down to Lanikai, find parking, paddle out, sit in the crowd, and then get attacked by the 16' tiger that is a regular in the line up.

By anonymous , 23-07-2003

sharks - They say that the next shark attack in hawaii is most likely to be Lanikai.

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