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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Lahilahi point

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By anonymous , 16-10-2005

cheese - This place sucks, unless you like fat lefts that is. And why do people post on here pretending to be from 'da westside'? Have you been to the westside? it's full of ice smoking sketchy gangsta's who wouldn't know what the f**k the internet is!

By Cabana Resident , 27-01-2005

Why all the hate? - I don't know what all this hate is about. I am a haole and I live in Cabanas right off Lahi Lahi. This beach is 90% elderly haoles using their timeshares. I never see locals surfing the break, and the few that do are very nice, if you respect them. Most of the locals are just bodyboarding.

The wave here is very powerful. I am a beginner and I got taken it on the rocks today. I will not attempt this again until I am more experienced.


By local haole incognito , 09-05-2004

haoles watch out! - Believe me i know, but i can see lahi's from my house! sshhhhh! If you're haole better keep a low profile, and that goes for anywhere on the wesside, jus be humble and no grumble bumbye you catch a few cracks with your waves.

By Howley- Boy from So-Cal , 24-11-2003

Bad (AssHole) Makaha locals - I guess I got a few too many waves, because you guys sure showed your F-upped attitude. I never hopped anybody or got in anybody’s way but you still called me a howley-boy. Well all you locals can kiss my ass, I hope all of you that think your shit don’t stink drowned, because you don’t own the ocean. My local spot is Lower Trestles, and we’ve got people coming & going like no tomorrow. Sure shit happens, but if you can surf you’ll get waves (without being fucked with). I’ll never go back to Hawaii, because I now hate you people.

By ES makaha , 19-03-2003

Mr. anonymous - Eh brah ! Talk all the crap you like because we know that your a panty! bring your candy ass to the westside prove yourself! be smart stay anonymous dont let us find out who you are ! That`s reality WESTSIDE HUI!

By E.S. and J.B. lahaina st. Makaha , 11-03-2003

local experience - I am a local from makaha born and raised there. just a block away from turtle point. I've surfed there for 25 yrs. it's the most epic pt.break on the west coast.Big gaint peak's and wall's that wrap. Very demanding and so are the local's. so surf at your own risk!

By anonymous , 27-09-2002

no title - Im gonna come down to da west side and shit in all ya pussys mouths. Aloha from the guy whose slamin ya mumas back door

By , 10-09-2002

Right on!! - Tough guy huh, Henry! See you next summer!

By roger , 09-09-2002

no title - lahilahi is not a secret. it's hidden but it doesn't mean it's secret. good spot though on a nice size south.

By Henry , 06-09-2002

no title - Upset? Tough.

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