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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Flies incinerators

USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By local boy Mo'e , 13-07-2007

no s*&t sherlock - Funny,
I surfed the place the year the bouy ripped off the reef, and Larry Bertleman stepped off his board from the top of a swell and onto the 25 foot cannel marker. Ive seen bowls look like medium sized pipe so many times, it's not funny. I'm from the north shore, but town can easily hold it's own. Anyone who doesn't know that is not from this aina.

By Salty ! , 18-09-2006

NOT my friend ...( Frikkah! ) - I can't believe the "waikiki piss" guy would dis the south shore. This fool obviously has not caught real "town" at all. Unbelieveably great waves when it is on. WIDE variety of good breaks. When "bowls" is working, it rivals some of the best waves in the world. And it DOES get heavy! Training grounds for the likes of Gerry Lopez, Ho brothers, etc. ... countless other excellent surfers. In all likelyhood, the local crowd wouldn't let you get your share (seems like) so you gotta say town's bad. Might have been small when YOU were there, but just as don't deserve good town. (only one kick inna ass!). Locals got to put up with tourists all summer...then deal with fools who think they can walk all over the people who live there. many of these folks have to pay megabucks to live in a place where they grew up...where they are from...and they are getting pushed out of their ancestral homes ( while spoon-fed punks from all over travel to "prove themselves"). guys aren't proving anything except that you are spoiled and disrespectful. wise up!

By sherlock , 22-04-2006

Slightly Off - This place doesn't hold 12 feet, that's for sure. It closes out at about 4. Not to mention that big gray shape I saw cruising through a wave last time I was there. I'll pass!

By been there! , 19-01-2006

flies is okay - Fun spot, not that crowded. It is amazing how close it is to town but not a lot of guys ever check it.

By , 19-03-2005

Waikiki piss - is this anywhere near Waikiki? Only a dickhead would waste their time surfing the south coast of Oahu. Waikiki is the most crap wave I have ever seen. Ala Moana is no better and Honolulu is a ghetto. As for the North Shore. You have to be a GOOD surfer with balls of steel. Much respect. i don't think the locals are as heavy as people make them out to be.

By anonymous , 16-03-2005

dudes relax - hey man, i'd trade sharks for warm water anyday...
Just coming out of winter in ireland and it was nasty nasty...looking foward to getting back into a 5'3

By Murf the surf , 08-02-2005

Don't worry about Hammerheads - I surfed Sand Island for 3 years. I lived on Sand Island and was stationed at the base there. The shark you have to worry about is the Tiger and yes, they do cruise here and there. Out of all the time surfing the reefs on Sand Island I and my friends, fellow coasties, only saw about 5 sharks. Two of them were hugh. We surfed this place everyday in the summer. Even when it was about a foot. Rare to see them. But don't worry about the Hammerheads. Only the Tigers. We ususally saw the sharks when the waves broke out on reefs 100s of yards from shore and reformed onto the inside reefs.

By Friend of the sea , 15-10-2004

Hammerheads don't eat people - Guys, releax. Hammerhead Sharks don't eat people. there are 365 kinds of shark, and only 3 kinds eat people. White-Tipped Shark, (White Shark), Tiger Sharks and Bull Shark. Sure, a Sand Tiger or Hammerhead might bite if you provoke them, but anything will. Sharks are actually very cool - top of the food chain, great travelers and very important to the health of the ocean. So if you see a hammerhead, consider your luckly. Don't freak.

By , 19-11-2003

How do you get there/where do you park? - I live on the other side of the island and dislike surfing town because of the crowds. I think I know where this break is but I don't know exactly where to turn or park. Somebody please email me if you know. Mahalo!

By anonymous , 03-08-2003

no title - This place is very fickle. It never gets good, and I have never seen a shark here in my life. Even if you did you are closer to shore than any spot an the island so what.

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