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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By haole , 30-11-2004

Kaikos - This spot rips -- not that often tho. Walk on rocks out to break, then jump off rocks and in... Enjoy and stay outta my way.

By local resident , 01-06-2004

Cromwells/Kaikios/Helemanos - Its all good. The people are friendly as long as you know what you are doing and not a jack-ass. More good times.

By suckemup , 09-05-2004

Beginners go somewhere else - This is a super mellow spot that only gets good once in a while. When it gets good these days its as crowded as any other major town break. It's not the easiest wave to surf, and its no place for a beginner. So for all you beginners, go somewhere else and learn to surf.

By anonymous , 13-11-2003

no title - when conditions are right cromwells has one of the best rights on the south shore and its usually uncrowded

By anonymous , 03-11-2003

no title - surf this wave so much i own it hahaha
..lets keep its dignity and not expose it to everyone if you can find it paddle and see if you catch a wave

By anonymous , 03-08-2003

no title - Its Helemanos you jack-ass.(which means house of the shark)Crowded with haoles that think they are heavy local boiz.Its never good.Needs a very specific swell direction to get good. Fun and rippable and very crowded when its on.Located in towm but gets good during winter.

By cromwells is swell , 03-08-2003

Cromwells is good, and you....uh....aren't - Cromwells is super good, just so you know. The reason why it is super good is because its super duper long, super rippable, it has a really cool bowl section in the beginning. Problem is that when it gets good, its super crowded. If you want to get there, go around the road on diamond head, and continue on the road that goes closest to the ocean, but doesn't go down to the ocean. I'm pretty sure this is called diamond head road (I don't pay attention, sorry) Anyway, when you see a pink house, turn up the road. Continue up the loop till you see a road going down, and you should be able to see the ocean, with the swells coming in. Go down the road and you should see the beach access to your left at the bottom of the road. If you continue, there will be another loop. You can't park anywhere down there legally, so you will have to go back up to the first loop if you want to park.

By , 06-07-2003

Croms - Where exactlly is Cromwells? How do I find it? Please respond!! No directions on the site.

By anonymous , 17-10-2002

was good today - uh... yeah. croms was pretty nice today. got barelled a couple of times... did a nice air... good times :)

By fat , 11-09-2002

gonja - surfed cromwells 6 foot all by myself in 95 or 96, the wave just reforms and reforms. long rides that day.
Kaikos used to be fun back then .havent been there for a while...still any good?

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