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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii

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By brandy_cola , 17 Jan

Camping - Who can help with camping here? Is there a map of camping places? I as an online writer want to stay there, surf, and work online.

By Tim90 , 16-11-2011

spring season surfing? - hey everyone! can anyone tell me what swells I can expect for surfing between may and june on the south shore? thx a lot.

By hal e. , 11-02-2010

realty check - i just want to straighten out a few facts about haoles on the north shore: 1) first guy to surf pipeline- haole. 2) first guy to surf waimea-haole. 3) first guys to charge north shore- haole. 4) 9 time world champ- haole. lets face it. there are a few good hawaiin surfers out there, but most of the locals were, and are to lazy to really take the initiative to pioneer big waves on the north shore. wolfpak? what a joke. bunch of iced out gangsters . so what if they know martial arts. who won the eddie this year? haole. im not racist or anything, just pointing out some facts for all you proud hawaiins out there

By Michael Birrer , 03-08-2009

car pooling in Oahu - thanks for the encouraging words Quinn. It is nice to think that Oahu is not a Surfers Paradise Lost like so many other places I have seen. Sure I have even been to Sunset and I did not find it too bad. I did not try Pipe though. Anyways, surfing crew I am thinking of returning once again to Rainbow Country and am looking for any people looking to carpool with me from Waikiki to the North Shore and other surfing spots. Maybe in December and definitely for 2 months. Tourists and locals are welcome in my car especially chicks as long as you throw in for rental and gas hahahahaha

By benn martenson , 01-03-2009

moving to oahu! - my fiance and I are moving to oahu in august. Can anyone give me advice on long term rentals other then craigslist? Greatly appreciated.

By Quinn Haber , 08-09-2008

Damn from NZ - Damn,you is one phantasmagoric banana! I've been to Christchurch, NZ - talk about overcrowding! Yikes! FOr your info, swell has been pumping here on Oahu for the past few days and viola! The island has been transmogrified into a kindly Paradise just like that brah!! It's true, my friend. There's plenty of waves to go around, people are cool in the water and yeah, there are a ton of great spots in oahu. In fact, the island is ringed with fabulous, world-class surf spots. Of course Oahu is a famous surfing arena - duh! Surfing was invented here! (NOT Peru, and NOT Africa - sorry Surfer's Journal. Sensationalist contrivances may sell your mags but lack real proof.) Surfing was born in Hawaii and will end here when the rest of the world chokes in pollution and political insanity.

By From New Zealand , 14-04-2008

damn - look at all those spots, not one place you can go where theres not a name for a spot or not a crowded break....'sell out island', thats unfortunate...ive never been to Hawaii and i never will... I feel i'd do more of a service to locals by not coming.
feel sorry for this wonderful surfing community

By smile , 08-05-2007

where to sleep in Oahu - Hi everybody. I´m a 30 years old friendly guy from Spain that is travelling to Oahu in Nov 17th. I´d like to find a place where to sleep and spend, the whole month that i´m going to be in Hawai, surfing, surfing and more surfing. I´d like to rent a flat o shared flat for this month, cheap would be great and by the North Shore would the the best :-). If anyone knows some place, please let me know. You can reach me at:

thanks very much


By Brendan , 05-04-2007

Surf in August - I am going to be in Oahu in August and was wanting to know where there will be some surf. I'm not looking for anything that will grace the covers of Big Wave monthly, just something that will be around about head height and not too crowded. This may be a big ask in August but any pointers would be useful

By , 16-02-2007

Looking for a room for rent - I am arriving to the north shore on Monday (feb 19th) for 9 days - until wed(feb 28th) - for a surfing vactation.

I am 31 y.o Originly from israel. Clean resoponsible, not smoking or drinking. I will be probably spend most of my time on the beach when there.

You can reply to my e-mail ( or just give me a call to 310.855.4214

Thanks a lot and EveryDaySurf ((-:


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