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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 07-10-2008

Lighthouse rules - I surfed the lighthouse lately and even though its windy I still love it, When the tide was shifting it got weird and chunky mush on the inside, I saw a bunch of dudes out at cliffs and I was thinking what are they doing over there, the other break is so much better?

By Anonymous , 28-04-2008

- Good spot. Wind tends to mess it up and there are alot of different peaks that break all over the place. The people that surf here are not to bad and less amateur then south shore. The biggest thing you have to watch out for is the shallow reef when riding a wave in. Just try to minimize your impact if you fall. Never fall down head first here!

By Kewalos , 16-02-2008

Lighthouse Bowl - The pic of lighthouse bowl states that it is rare to catch it like that, thats false. Lighthouse goes off like that all the time, maybe not everyday, but enough to make it worth checking when the wind is light. Lighthouse has a killer bowl with a spinning right when its on, not mushball like the cliff side. The left can get real good as well and hollow. The crew at lighthouse has it wired and longboarders are not well tolerated unless they know the boys. Best on the low tide, S,SW,SE or W wrap. Always something breaking anytime of the year. Not for kooks or anyone who doesnt like shallow reef breaks. High performance rippable wave. Paddling in can be tricky--lots of people get drydocked on the reef on low tides. Good town spot, sometimes can catch it going off with only a few guys. Like I said if you cant surf good, you wont catch many waves there. The boys will shut you down, and you'll be watching everyone else get waves. If you can surf, show some common courtesy and figure out the line-up--you'll have a good time.

By Murf da Surf, So-Cal , 29-05-2007

Good waves - One of my favorite waves on the island is inbetween Browns and Rice Bowls. I won't tell exactely but on a good South with size the place comes on. I surfed it for over two years from 84-86 and caught it many a times. I'm sure it is more crowded now then the 80's, but even then sometimes it got packed. Me and my Coast Guard bros surfed this place perfect on some days during the week with only a handful of people and perfect a frames.

By anonymous , 07-12-2005

scary place - Wow i saw a shark for the first time and was attacked by someone for "getting in his way" jeez like he owns the waves or something.

By two keels , 11-03-2005

cliff du jour - Lots of waves to go 'round if you don't mind sharing. Don't sit inside inexperienced people here, because they will ditch their longboards right in front of you.

A lot of guys think they are the shit here, so take it all in stride. If they get too cocky and aggro ask them why they aren't riding the north shore.

I guess that only works in the winter months.

By West Palm Beach Florida local , 28-06-2004

Cliffs and Lighthouse - To Regular,
You are right about this place. I am from Florida and I have surfed there 3 times in the past 2 years (long commute to the break). There is a group of local guys there....but I didn't sit inside and I got more waves than I was expecting. This place is kinda spread out and you don't have to sit right on top of each other to catch waves. Show respect to the locals and you might catch a couple of nice waves, be a dick and you will get dropped in on and ass kicked. To the locals at Cliffs....thanks for the fun waves...nice break on a good swell. Had fun!! Hope to see you guys next year when I visit again.

By Regular , 19-06-2004

Cliffs, Browns, Lighthouse, etc. - I love Diamond Head! It is such a fun place to surf. The only problem is it gets too crowded, too windy, and in some spots too shallow. You really gotta be devoted to catch this place on a good day.
When you come to surf here, please stay on the inside and out of the way if you're just learning (surfing less than 3 years); and if you can surf, take it easy because the place is so wide open you'll catch something. Please, please, don't drop in. Also, stay away from the inside between the peaks at Cliffs, because there are too many people that sit there already and you might get run over for being in the way. Most of all, keep the vibe cool. Most of the regulars are cool so give them some respect and you'll get some too. ALOHA!!!

By local resident( , 01-06-2004

BROWNS/CLIFFS/LIGHTHOUSE - Where are the pictures of booming Brown's. Cliffs is a great wave, always something to ride. Small it is fun, "advanced Waikiki", and over five feet it can really go off. Lighthouse is also very, very good, all spots love the North winds, offshore, and Kona conditions, glassy. Life is good in the islands.

By anonymous , 30-03-2004

cleefs! - Yeah!...wen da kona winds blow, surf is da kine! When it gets big, gets hairball on the inside and the crowds disperse a bit. crack out the peroxide, and tweezers (Vaah-naah!). No get staph, eh!

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