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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii, Oahu

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By Anonymous , 21-09-2008

hawaii is good for you - me and my buddy have been in hawaii for two weeks, surfing, enjoying the sights, mostly surfing. We wanted to comment on all the #### talking going on about hawaiians. The surf has been Amazing..the people were great and welcoming, the energy in the water was great. about the bad guys that everyone is talking about, they are everywhere. You find them in any beach in the world. Just be still....
you chose where to surf. there are an insane amount of breaks here. hawaii is the bomb..

By Pipleine Possy Peabrains , 17-07-2007

Finally a frank look at reality - The guy (or gal) below is right: the bad boy local thing, especially in Hawaii, reveals only the immaturity and lack of class expressed by all-too-many stupid asses. Per the Pipline Posse gang, people tend to pack together to ward off insecurity and to become stronger. In other words, its just another conglomerate of insecure humans. Face it, take away surfing and these guys could barley function in the world of men (and women - who would date a bonehead except for a slut).

By Anonymous , 16-07-2007

go to school - locals should go to school and learn how to read,write and talk. Yourbringing down the culture of your people when you speak the way you do and think that since your part (less than 10% real Hawaiian) that your a local...most likely a mix of who knows what. Stop the heavy local vibe, the crowd is there and always will be. Time to get educated and get some money not just fight and act like kooks.

By Anonymous , 27-12-2006

dane atcho - dane atcho rips out therer i seen him with some other kids
hes sick!
bye .....secret admier

By Anonymous , 25-10-2006

Backdoor less gnarlier? - Backdoor is just as heavy and sick as pipe, the "sidewalk section" is only a foot or two deep, and backdoor is extremely fast. It looks like a close-out from the beach until you see guys get spit out. Backdoor closes out a lot a needs some north in the swell too start working. If you cant ride the barrel, or airdrop into heaving pits with consistancy dont go out. The "locals " are only the second thing you have to worry about, having the sack to take off under the lip deep in the bowl is 1st, 2nd are the guyz that surf there everytime it breaks & can smell your fear, Most of the guys are sponsered, top 40 WCT, north shore heavies, and visiting rippers from all over the world trying to get a piece of pipe. Thats the crowd you will try and get waves from, good luck. Backdoor is just as nasty as pipe if not worse cuase on bigger days theres no channel. Dont let the perfect pics trick you into thinking its easy, Theres a lot more water moving around out there than you think, and the power that place has will break you and your board. But come and test yourself and see if you can handle.That guy who wrote that backdoor is soft and easy might wanna put the surf mag down & come out here to Eukai beach park and take a real live look at the beast itself and the animals who ride it. Wake up Spicoli!

By booger , 28-06-2006

backdoor - locals arnt to bad...
pfff.. there not to bad if u like have ur face smashed in and ur board snapped for almost dropping in.. never lone if u do drop in..

By anonymous , 02-02-2006

- b-door is way gnarlier than pipe, it is shallower and the wave is faster, has a tendency to closeout many times. It is really just a fast speed barrel closeout.

the inside is very shallow

By , 13-12-2005

it rule - hi ppl whatsup i'm from aruba and i bodyboard and i wanna now if theres any good spot to bodyboard there

By gary forbett , 12-05-2005

- Who is this monkey who wrote the overview? "some locals about"! not a dangerous wave at all??! "one day id like to surf it" how can you rate this place when youve never even been there you dick. bet you surf wembury when its 2ft onshore an brag to your mates how it was 6ft an gnarly!

By mainland hui , 01-04-2005

dont try pipe/backdoor/off the wall - if you arent sick, dont go. a). your shit will get stolen b). wolfpak will beat your ass c).dont do it

hoenstly, theres such a pipe posse, you'll get no waves, and get worked on the reef.


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